- Rachel Teodoro
Burlap and Pottery Barn

I don't make it to Pottery Barn very often. The closest store is about a 45 minute drive away and then when I do go, all I do is salivate and wish that I had zillions of dollars to plunk down and buy everything in the store. I did manage to drag Owen along just after Christmas, hoping to find some good sales (no luck) but what I found was a new way to fancy up my ficus tree. I bought both of these trees at two different times for around $4 a piece (gotta love garage sales!). I have lights on them year round to make them festive (I mean really, what's more festive than a ficus with lights on it in July?!) but after seeing some potted ficus trees wrapped in burlap I knew that was something I could take home and do. So with about $3 in fabric (burlap is cheap!) and about 15 minutes, I wrapped both my ficus trees and made them look just a little...different then they did before. And really, isn't that what decorating is all about? You get tired of one thing and want to do something to freshen up and make your home feel different then it did before.

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