- Rachel Teodoro
I wasn't quite sure how much burlap I would need for my ficus tree transformation (keep reading), so I bought 3 yards of it at Wal-Mart the other day. I finally wrapped the trees and had a pretty good amount left over. A little internet blog search and I found this adorable heart wreath tutorial. Here's a tutorial here: http://www.wheretheheartisblog.com/2010/01/diy-burlap-wreath-and-tutorial.html and here: http://diaryofacraftaholic.blogspot.com/2010/01/white-burlap-heart-door-decor-with.html I just took a wire hanger, had my lovely husband form it into a heart shape for me and loaded it on with 2 1/2 strips of burlap. Once you think you are done, just keep stuffing it with burlap strips. I liked mine pretty full (probably a yard and a half of fabric?). I finished it off with a red canvas bow (one day I will learn to tie a real bow) and hung it with some off white velour ribbon I got at a garage sale. Ta da!

What do you think? Hang it straight here?
Or crooked here? No one in my house liked the lopsided wreath. They thought it looked like a misshapen oval. Plus, after I hung the wreath there, I realized how bare the spot on the entry table looked. Keep your eyes peeled for something there soon. I can't leave a flat surface flat and empty for too long!

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