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A new fan I love Good Customer Service

I don't order on-line very often, mostly because I feel like I am taking a chance. A chance that I won't like the fit or color or cut of the item I am ordering, not to mention the high cost of shipping.

But I also can't pass up a great deal. I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets e-mails in their inbox several times throughout the day describing free shipping and new markdowns. This week, it was an offer for free shipping on any order. A deal that reeled me in, and therefore, what led me to placing my first order on Land's End Canvas.

Photo credit: Land's End Canvas

Recently, Land's End started a new line called Canvas , that to me seems like their J. Crew version of clothing. I am assuming, with the hope of reaching my generation, because let's be honest, my parents and in-laws have their fair share of Land's End duds and they just don't fit my style!

I was quite happy with my bathing suit purchase (that I might add was on super clearance). But what sold me was this handwritten letter that I received in the mail today.

The letter thanked me for my purchase and reminded me about Land's End guarantee, giving me an e-mail address of my new best friend (a customer care specialist!) at Land's End.

Being ever cynical, I thought for sure it was one of those mass produced printed letters, but nope...I even spit tested it. Do you see the smear on the "e" in Guaranteed?

So thank you, Land's End Canvas for your extra special touch at making my buying experience a delightful one. We will be in touch soon!

ps-no compensation was received from Land's End, just plain old good customer service!


Cerise said...

Wow! That is awesome customer service. I'm going to have to look at their new line!

Loui♥ said...

Me too!!
gonna go check it out NOW!
ps,, how was the fit of the swimsuit?
sure do love excellent Customer service..
especially when served with a personal touch!
warmest sandy hugs..

Kathleen said...

I was very impressed with the quality of the clothes I got from LE Canvas and loved the note! Prices were great, free shipping, awesome style. Loved it.

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