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Why I blog

A few weeks ago, one of the blogs I have on my google reader posed the question "why do you blog?". I immediately knew my response and left her a paragraph overview. Lucky for you, I have been thinking about it, and wanted to share the longer version with you, my readers.

I started blogging six years ago as a way to update out of state family and friends with pictures of our active growing family. I would post my pregnant belly shots

fun trips our family went on

and pictures of the kids during holidays and as they grew.

In 2009 while searching for some information on how to make a superhero cape I stumbled upon my first craft blog, The Long Thread. Link after highlighted link brought me to some wonderful tutorials and gave me great inspiration and I was finding that I was suddenly making time to be creative on purpose.

Our family blog suddenly started getting overrun with skirt refashions and scarf tutorials of my own. I didn't want to start directing strangers to our family blog, so I started Holy Craft.

One of the blogs I found had the most clever name that to this day still makes me chuckle. It's called "Oops, I Craft My Pants". I threw that out there on Facebook one day, and gave some of my friends the opportunity to help me name my new blog. One of my childhood friends who is now a marketing executive, threw out a few names, but Holy Craft stuck out to me.

I loved the name for several reason. First off, because it is such a fun play on words. And secondly, because I blog to be more holy.

I looked up the definition for holy on Webster's webpage and here it is:

Definition of HOLY

: exalted or worthy of complete devotion as one perfect in goodness and righteousness
: divine holy — Psalms 99:9(Authorized Version);
: devoted entirely to the deity or the work of the deity holy temple;holy prophets
I want to devote myself daily to exalting Him who is most Holy.
I did a Bible Study a few years back where we took a week or two to examine the Proverbs 31 woman. If you haven't read it before, you can see the full verses here . Upon first reading my first thoughts are, I could never be like that. But after examining it more closely and thinking about how it can apply to me today, I can see that there are a lot of similarities to my everyday life already.
First off, I strive to be a trustworthy and kind wife (v 10-12). A wife full of devotion to my husband. Sometimes it's the little things that I am able to do to show those things to him throughout the day.
I have spent the past thirteen years as a stay at home mom (v 13-24). I've spent long days and even longer nights mothering my children. I start my day before the sun rises so that I can take care of myself at the gym before coming home to take care of my family. I strive to be a good steward of the things that we have and work hard to stretch our dollar so that our family can live well on less. I prepare a home cooked dinner every evening, prepare healthy lunches for the kids to take to school and work hard at keeping my home clean and in order.

On Sunday's my family serves at church by teaching our Sunday School (v 25-26). We call it Kidventure. It means long hours on Sunday and a total commitment from our family, but one that we see as something that is very important for our family to take part in. As the kids in Kidventure grow, it's amazing to see the steps of faith that they take and we look forward to seeing what awesome things God has in store for them.
I do my best to be efficient with my time and the things that I choose to do with my time (v 27-29). I also try to parent with purpose and do my best to nurture my children for the short time that I have them in my home.
And as I continue to walk in my faith, I learn more and more about myself and the God that I serve (v 30-31). My constant goal is to become more like Jesus everyday, and everyday my human nature makes it difficult. But every day I try.
Don't get me wrong, it's not all candy and lollipops. I struggle to have a joyful attitude. Like when I make something for dinner that 4/5 of the family won't eat. Or when I just mopped the floors and one of my sweet angels wanders in with muddy shoes. Sometimes I parent out of anger and not with purpose. Sometimes I even find myself carrying a very judgmental attitude towards others that is not very compassionate or kind.
I pray that I can achieve excellence as a person, effectiveness as a mother, influence as a teacher, devotion as a homemaker, generosity as a neighbor, and strong character as a wife. Everyday it's a choice that I make to walk in faith and to serve God first and my family second. I look at Holy Craft as an outlet that holds me accountable to doing just that.
I realize I may not have the most original ideas (I am a great copy cat!), any link up parties (though I join in several), the best photography, or the most followers. But what I do have is a heart to serve God and my family.
And that my friends, is why I blog. Why do you blog?


Michelle@ourwonderfilledlife.com said...

Beautiful post Rachel!!! I love reflecting on Proverbs 31 (really like Proverbs 31 ministries). I think holding yourself accountable is the first step, so I really respect that!! Also, there are so many ideas copied in so many places, it's all inspiration, but I think as long as you cite where it came from and who gave you the thought, that's what matters most (in my opinion anyhow!) ;) Wishing you all the best and you are wonderful for your honesty in this post!!!

kate said...

Awesome post! I totally chuckled when I read "Holy Craft"! Perfect name on two levels! You have some awesome goals.

Two Shades of Pink said...

I never knew the why behind the name and loved reading this. I struggle to incorporate my faith in a craft blog and your beautiful transparency here challenges me to keep being the me that loves God with her whole heart. I just love your blog!

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