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Walk for Water support me in my walk for World Vision

Did you know?

More than one in six people worldwide don't have access to clean drinking water.

To give water is to give life.  

Clean water can cut a community’s child mortality rate in half.  
It means food for families whose crops are failing due to drought. 
 It saves livestock.  
It gives parents a powerful way to improve the health, hygiene, and well-being of their children, and enable them to reach their God-given potential. 

This year, our church is partnering with World Vision
in a walk for water.

Last year, our family started sponsoring a little boy, through World Vision, named Moses who lives in Basila, Uganda.

In fact, our whole church partnered together to sponsor over 150 children in that area.
Several of our church members and leaders have already been able to visit and have seen first hand the work that World Vision is doing in their village.

To further that partnership and continue to help those families in rural Uganda, our church is hosting a walk for water on April 14.

Through the walk for water, money will be raised to build wells, treat contaminated water and provide water storage containers to save fresh rainwater for later use.

Each day villagers in rural Uganda are spending hours a day collecting water that can make them sick.

On April 14, I will have the opportunity to walk out to a water filling station, fill my buckets with water and return to the starting place raising awareness to the daily chore that is required for something I take for granted every day...clean water, accessible to me by the turn of a handle.

Last week Emily at Jones Design Company challenged bloggers to share a cause that they support and share it with their readers.

What perfect timing because our church launched this campaign that following Sunday.

I would love for you to support me in my walk for water.
I would be honored if you would help me by making a donation, even if it is just $1 to help bring clean drinking water to rural Uganda.
In the next few weeks, my goal is to raise $560, the cost of building and providing hand and face washing facilities to 20 families.

When communities have access to clean water, proper sanitation and hygiene, the child mortality rate drops by more than two-thirds

100% of your donation will benefit World Vision’s Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene projects in Uganda(UWASH).

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