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Water is life

Last week, our family was so excited to get an airmail envelope from our sponsored child in Uganda.
I told you a little bit about Moses a few weeks ago.

Enclosed in the envelope was a thank you note for a gift we sent at Christmas.
Each Christmas for the past decade or more, our family has adopted several local kids from an angel tree. This year we decided to use the money we would spend on the angel tree kids and send it to Moses and his family.

I am a thrifty gal so I was happy to see how far that money went for them!
They were able to buy a goat, a pig, Moses' school uniform, a suit (isn't he handsome!), blankets, books and several other items.

We were so thrilled that as a family we were able to help Moses and his family in that way.

And now, I want to remind you that you can help too!
On Saturday, I will be participating in a walk for water to help bring fresh clean water to Moses' village of Buliisa, Uganda.

Ugandan children walking for water

You can read more about The Walk For Water here.
You can read more about our churches involvement in Bulissa, Uganda here.

You can make a donation by clicking here.

Thank you!

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