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Kelty photo shoot follow up

Remember back in July, I told you that we were on location doing our second family photo shoot for Kelty camping gear?

The first time we participated in Kelty's ad campaign, we knew the photos were going on boxes for their lower end gear that was going to be available at Target stores nationwide.  For months, we peeked in Target waiting to see if "we had arrived!"  

They did several months later, and it was fun to pop into Target and see ourselves on the boxes.
One of our friends sons even received "our sleeping bag" for a Christmas gift!

This time, when we did the ads, we weren't quite sure what Kelty was going to do with the photos.
We were one of the first to try out the new Kelty air pitch camping tent.

The tent we recieved for the photo shoot was delayed a few times due to shipment issues.  Kelty was in a rush to get the photos done once the tent came through customs so that they could introduce the air pitch tent at the Outdoor Retailer summer conference.  
The air pitch tent is a fully inflatable tent.  No poles needed.

My husband put the tent up and down at least 20 times and this massive tent literally takes less than five minutes to set up from start to finish.
I just happened to do a google search last night and found some of the images that were taken by our amazing photographer Stephen Matera, were used as press release images for the air pitch tent.

Notice our puppy got to be a part of the shoot this time!
And it's worth noting, that while we have three kids in real life, we will only ever have two kids in the photos.
Apparently, two kids and a dog is much more American!

I found both images used in several on-line magazines like dtail, mobile magazine, and gizmag
Thousands of images were taken, so I can't wait to stumble on more!
It's always fun to see where we end up.

So if you see us on a box, or an ad or you find us in the internet as a review, will you send it my way?


Cerise said...

How fun getting to do something like that! The tent looks amazing...the pictures actually make ME want to go camping. I'll keep an eye out!

FreeJulie said...

Fun to see this update as I was just looking for you guys at Target the day before yesterday. I'll sure let you know if I run across any of the pictures!

I am dying laughing at how you can only have two children in the pictures. Of course, it can be any combination of two children - you know, this may not be a bad way to parent. With my three, I frequently feel like I could handle any combination of two at a given time. :)

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