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Picking the perfect bed for your child

All of my kids started out sleeping in a crib.
Well, not all of them.
I went all hippy dippy when Owen was a baby and got this cool swing called an Amby baby Hammock.
Loved it!
How cute is he??!  What a peanut!

Fast forward a few years, and all of the kids made the successful transition to a big kid bed.
The decision on what type of bed {bunk bed, loft bed, twin or full} and what color {white, natural, black, blue} always required several trips to different local furniture stores to find the perfect transition bed for the kids.

Hopefully, I can share a little of what I have learned from selecting several different beds (the count for three kids is up to 6 different beds).

I have two boys.
An industrial looking bed would be a great addition for a tween/teen room.

If you want to go the bunk bed route, there are pretty cool looking bed for the boys while still playing on the industrial theme.

There are bunk beds that have large sturdy stairs and great storage space for all of the little ones special things.

I know my kids like to cuddle with just about every stuffed animal they have.
Look for beds that help keep all of those collections organized and in their own space.  Especially if you have siblings sharing a room.
As the kids grow, sports trophy's, school books and alarm clocks can take up the shelf space once reserved for their favorite teddy bear.

The full or queen size bed under the twin is a rare bunk bed find I have heard.
I know many of my friends are looking for this style since they use the upper bunk for sleepovers.

Speaking of sleepovers, we like trundle beds.
In fact, that's what we choose for our daughter's room.
However, I must admit, we don't have a mattress for it and with carpet in the kids rooms, it makes it hard to pull out.  So keep that in mind.

If you remember, last year we switched out my son's twin bed and got him a loft bed.
The advantage of a loft bed is that it is a good use of space.
You have your bed, a desk and often times a dresser all built into to the same footprint that a twin size bed would take up.

I'm always a sucker for a white farm house style bed.
I love that it's a style that can grow with your children from toddlerhood on through the teen years.
The underbed storage is a major bonus!
And it would be a great bed for a guest room once your child moves out.

Sometimes it's nerve wracking thinking that the bed you choose for your toddler is going to be the same bed they will be sleeping in after puberty! 

Always keep in mind your room size because in furniture show rooms, the bed sizes can be deceiving in large show rooms.  This is the reason we have stuck with twin beds for our kids. 

 Also, make sure that the bed you are selecting can grow with your child.  Your three year old doesn't have homework and won't need a desk for several years, but your teenager will.  

Will your son or daughter want to sleep in a bunk bed when they are seniors in high school and are you o.k. with buying a new bed if they think it's "too babyish?"

Lots of details to keep in mind, but don't worry, you have lots of options! 

Sweet dreams little ones!

disclaimer: this post is a sponsored post written on behalf of shop 4 furniture.  As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

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