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Walk for Water a chance to provide water and change a life

Last year, our family had the chance to participate in the first annual Walk for Water.
A walk designed to simulate the experience of villagers in Uganda who often spend hours a day collecting water-water that can make them sick.
This year, our family is planning on participating again.
The goal is to raise enough money to provide a well for a village in Bulisa Uganda where we sponsor a little boy named Moses.
To give water is to give life. 
 Clean water can cut a communities child mortality rate in half.  If means food for families whose crops are failing due to drought.  It saves livestock.  It gives parents a powerful way to improve the health, hygiene and well being of their children and enable them to reach their God-given potential.
We often take for granted the fact that we have numerous faucets in our house that at any given time can provide clean water for us to use.
More than one in six people worldwide-894 million-don't have access to sufficient clean water.

It costs a little over $13,000 to drill a deep borehole in a village and equip it with a hand pump.
This seems like a HUGE number, but when you break it down, 
it costs only $64 to provide one person water, sanitation and hygiene for LIFE.

You know that over priced bottle of water you buy at lunch?
Consider filling a water bottle with tap water and donating the few dollars you would have spent.
Skip your expensive cup of coffee just once this week and make a donation of $5.
You won't even miss it!
Please consider making a one time donation.
Even if it's just a few dollars or $64 to provide one person clean water and sanitation for life, your donation matters.
Donation information can be found here
If you type in "Teodoro Family" in the comments section, we will be able to keep track of our family donations and know if we make our goal.
Thank you!

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Emilia Bellflower said...

Great reminder to all of us. We take so many things for granted. I wish I could participate in walk. For now I'll participate other way.

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