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Summer Party Tips-Celebrity vs reality-and guest post opportunity

I'm spending some time with my family today.  But I'm happy to introduce to you Arianna from Arianna Knows Best. We all want to live like celebrities sometimes so today Arianna is giving us a little glimpse on how to do that but with a little reality check.

It’s Time to Party!

Who doesn’t love a great summer party? But with the kids out of school and busy summer schedules, who has the time? A group of my girlfriends and I recently got together for a “girls night in” and after flipping through several issues of People, we were instantly inspired by all of the celebrity outings and trips! Here are a few ideas I’ve come up with that will hopefully inspire you as well!

CELEBRITY SUMMER: BEACH HOUSE IN EXOTIC LOCALE - When you have unlimited options such as to charter a private jet to owning a private beach house, planning a vacation is a no-brainer. Who wouldn’t love to while away the summer on the sun-drenched beaches of Bali, Hawaii or St. Tropez?  Even the coasts of Florida and California have become recent exclusive hideaways for the rich and famous.

REALITY SUMMER: HOUSE SWAP – This summer, I have found a way to deal with my exotic “property envy” in the form of house swapping. It’s similar to having a timeshare condo without the extensive fees.  This new trend enables travelers to have the comforts of home in locales around the world. What has become routine in your city or town may very well be the draw for someone else’s summer getaway.

CELEBRITY SUMMER: DO SOMETHING AWARDS –Celebrities are all about giving back and VH1’s “Do Something Awards” is a unique opportunity to honor not only celebrity causes, but also young people that are trying to make a difference in their communities. Since 1996, the awards have honored celebrities like Russell Simmons, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. Each year, five young people under 25 are also recognized and awarded monetary grants for their grassroots efforts. The Do Something organization was founded on the fact that young people are capable of more than just texting and playing Xbox.

REALITY SUMMER: VOLUNTEER PARTY--A great opportunity to teach kids that it can be fun to help others! Organize a team of young helpers and let them decide on a volunteer project. It can be anything from a sponsored opportunity like Habitat for Humanity or something dreamed up by the team members themselves, like collecting long ago “abandoned” toys to donate to a homeless shelter. Letting the kids decide on the activity gives them ownership and an added sense of accomplishment to the task. Reward everyone afterwards with an ice cream party or celebratory cupcakes!

Backyard party with bouncer

CELEBRITY SUMMER BIRTHDAY PARTY: ALL-OUT KIDS BIRTHDAY PARTY – Does a two-year old really need a $200,000 birthday party? If your name is “Suri Cruise”, apparently you do! That was the amount that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes spent on their little one’s special day. Celebrities live larger than life and that means their kids enjoy birthday bashes where money is no object. Britney Spears put the rest of us moms to shame with matching mini-motorized monster trucks for her sons Jayden and Preston!  Need I mention that the kids don’t even have their learner’s permits yet?

REALITY SUMMER BIRTHDAY PARTY: DIY AROUND THE WORLD BIRTHDAY PARTY – Let’s face it; kids are easy to please without the fancy extravagant indulgences of adults. Give yourself and your bank account a break and throw a birthday party that includes kids’ favorite foods from around the world, like lasagna (Italy) or how about a taco bar with all the Mexican fixings? Include some themed games – piñatas are always a hit! End the party with cake and “passports” stamped with postage stamps from different countries.

 Arianna is a full-time mom and a fashion-lover, world traveler, animal lover, and family woman extraordinaire. She loves to cook and bake, travel to new places, share great fashion finds, and spend time doing crafts and projects at home with her kids. She’s got a crazy busy life, but she wouldn’t have it any other way! Follow her blog at!

 Thanks for filling in Arianna!

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