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A great gift idea for the little ones

Last year I became familiar with a company called Kiwi Crate when they sent my son a kiwi crate to try out.
As a mom I love products that actively engage my children and make learning fun.
As an individual with a bachelors degree in child development and family studies
it takes my loving these products exponentially to the next level!
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We all love to get mail, but kids really love to get mail.
Especially packages.
When you sign up for Kiwi crate the child that you send the crate to will get a box filled with educational goodness that will not only have all the supplies needed in the box {including already sharped pencils!} 
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but step by step instructions on how to complete science or art themed projects, games and more!
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There are holiday crates, stocking stuffer crates and single crates available.
You can order just one crate, send a 3 month subscription, 6 months or a year!
Kiwi Crates make great holiday gifts for those kids on your list.
Nieces, nephews, grandchildren, sons and daughters all will enjoy 
receiving their very own Kiwi crate in the mail.
I talk to people all the time that tell me they are just not crafty but they wish they were.
Mom friends who feel guilty when they browse Pinterest and find crafts that they wish they could do with their children, they just aren't quite sure where to start.
Not to worry!

Kiwi crate is the perfect place to start for my non-crafty friends!
Your won't have to step foot in a craft store!
 All of the supplies are included in the crate along with directions, games, books and experiments.
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Grandparents, this is one of the best gifts you can give to your grandchildren!
Not only is it a gift for your grandchildren, it's also a gift for your children.
Exhausted moms everywhere will thank you for planning out a whole days worth of 
activities for them to do with their kids!
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Take a second to find out more about the crates by visiting this link.
Ready to order?
Visit this link and don't forget to use the promo code below for 30% off!
Get festive with Kiwi Crate's Holiday Creativity Kits! shop now ››

You can thank me later for recommending the best Christmas gift ever.
You're welcome.

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