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How to make money blogging with #markerly

I didn't start a blog to make money.
I've been fortunate that in the past four years of blogging here at Holy Craft, my blog has grown.
My readers are fantastic and my content is reaching enough people that I am starting to be paid for the work that I do here.

It's a nice little bonus to the work that I put in to maintain this blog.
Markerly is one of the influencer marketing networks that I work with.
Markerly connects bloggers with sponsored content opportunities and the bonus is that I get paid to work with some awesome brands!

There are several networks that I use to help connect me to sponsored content, but Markerly is the only one that pays out within 48 hours!  Many of the others, require bloggers to wait 4-6 weeks for payment after a published post.

Markerly's network is available to join for anyone that has over 10,000 page views a month or an average of 3 comments per post.  The company is focused on quality blog posts and bloggers that have an engaged audience {that's you!  Thank you!}

Think you might be interested to take the next step in growing your blog and making it your business?

Want to see what other people are saying at Markerly?

If you are interested in getting free products to review like wine from Last Bottle Wines and Invino, or cool earbuds from Jaybird, take a second and think about signing up with a blogging network like Markerly.


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