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Game Farm Park and a picnic

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Last week, my kids were on spring break.
While my oldest son was serving in Mexico on his very first mission trip,
the younger kids and I decided to be tourists in and around our city.

Our first stop was to the Olympic Game Farm Park in Sequim, WA.
I can't believe we haven't visited before.
It was the most fun!

Olympic Game Farm park is a drive through safari that allows you to feed whole wheat bread to the animals.
The animals know the routine and are happy to come right up to your car window for their snack.

All four of these llamas were ready for a snack!

This guy was a little drooly.
Apparently, my bread was better than some of the other cars that were driving by.

He left a nice pool of drool all over my car door.

Thankfully, I had my Wet-Nap hand wipes with me, so I could scrub off any evidence of this cute little guys visit.

The buffalo's were by far the kids favorite!
Those guys were gentle giants

with what seemed like the world's longest tongues!

 After feeding six loaves of bread to the animals,
we thought that it was time to feed ourselves and have a little creek side picnic.
Earlier in the week, when I was shopping for bread for the animals at WalMart, I also picked up some Wet-Nap hand wipes because I knew that the kids hands were going to get messy!
I am so glad that I did!
Not only because of easy drool clean up in the car, but also because the kids hands had been in a lot of mouths!

I shop at WalMart because of their everyday low prices.
I was also able to use this coupon on Wet-Nap products to save me even more money!

Isn't this the best spot for a picnic?!

Getting ready for lunch!
Wet-Nap hand wipes provided the fastest and easiest clean up of our animal slobbered hands before and of our picnic mess after.

After lunch, we headed back for more visits with the animals.

Until next time 'ya filthy animal!

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