Unstoppable every day-- what my day as a stay at home mom looks like - Rachel Teodoro

Unstoppable every day-- what my day as a stay at home mom looks like

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Have you ever written down you schedule?
You know, sat down and looked at what your day looks like.
I don't do it often but when I do, I look like a crazy person!

I am a stay at home mom of three kids.
I'm a wife, chef, chauffeur, personal assistant, nurse, counselor, police officer, mediator, laundress, personal shopper, errand runner, play date coordinator, tutor and blogger.

24 hours rarely seems like enough hours in the day.
I typically start my morning with an hour long workout at 6:30 am.

At 7:40 I come home and pack lunches for two younger kids for the day.
I make breakfast, sign consent forms, check over folders, wash dishes, and start laundry.
At 7:55 I take my daughter to school.

I come home from drop off number one, take a shower, discuss airplanes, minecraft and Calvin and Hobbes with my 8 year old while putting on my make up, do my hair and get dressed.

I do a quick pick up of the house, make sure beds are made, put away laundry from the day before, and if I have time I vacuum.

At 8:50, my son and I put on our shoes, leash up the dog and head to school.

I walk the mile to and from school and return home to put the laundry in the dryer, clean the kitchen, vacuum the floors {if I didn't get to it}, make phone calls, check and return e-mails, update the blog, photograph images, run errands, make appointments, fold the laundry, go to the grocery store, prep dinner, clean the house, and weed the garden.
It's super important for me to be visible in the kids schools so I am in the classroom or in their school around five hours a week and doing school related "business" another 3-5 hours of the week.

I usually find time to eat lunch, but often times it's on the go, or standing up while I bake snacks for lunches or make cookies for bake sales.  

If I have time, I will create a new project, craft, blog, return more e-mails and manage the family calendar.

At 2:45, I walk to retrieve my daughter from school with the dog. 

At 3 my oldest son returns home and I make them an afternoon snack.

At 3:30, I head out for our final walk of the day to pick up my youngest son from school.

It's not unusual to have a dentist appointment, or an after school activity we have to prepare for so I help the kids get started on homework, or we take a break and play outside for a little bit.  I finish the laundry that I started {it never ends}, wash out the kids lunch bags, read over the kids homework and check in their folders.  

It's inevitable that some kid will need to run an errand somewhere in the afternoon.
{I forgot the poster I need for my project tomorrow...or I told my class I would bring in two dozen cookies}
and the dinner I prepped earlier, needs to be finished.

Nearly every night a home cooked dinner is on the table at 5:15.
We eat dinner as a family and then play chauffeur to the various activities
{youth group, swimming, gymnastics, boy scouts}
If we don't have an activity planned, we usually spend the evening as a family.
Perhaps a family bike ride, or a walk to get ice cream.

At 8 we start the night time routine.
The 8 year old reads a book with mom or dad and has snuggles, and at 8:30 my daughter heads to bed.

Lights out is at 9:00 for the younger two.
At 9:30 my oldest son needs picked up from his youth group
and at 10 we make a lunch for him for the next day.

My husband and I read in bed for about a half an hour until we pass out, and do all of this all over again!

If you are a mom, you know, every day is different, and some days are more chaotic than others.
But I need to be unstoppable every day!
Which is why I trust U by Kotex.

It's the perfect product to keep me covered no matter what I am doing or what I am wearing. 
 It helps to keep me prepared for anything!

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Be unstoppable no matter what your day looks like!

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