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NatureBox made me a satisfied customer

I haven't worked a lot of jobs in my lifetime,
 but those jobs that I have held have mostly all been in customer service.  
I find that it's getting harder and harder to find companies that are founded on integrity.
There have been a few companies that I have been impressed with,
but most recently, I was blown away by NatureBox.

Let me start by saying that I am not being paid for my opinion.  I am receiving no compensation for this post.
 I am just wanting to share with you a company that I have encountered that had such good customer service that it made me want to write about it.

Several months ago, as a partnership with PopSugar,
I received my first NatureBox as a promo.
I tried out the snacks, and was instantly hooked on the lemon pucker pistachios.

I had a promo code to try another NatureBox for half price and thought that I would give this company a shot, not as a blogger doing a review, but as a mom and a snack lover.
I placed my order and was a bit confused with the ordering process.

The top of the website said that in just three easy steps you could have your monthly snacks.
How hard could it be?

Step one was to choose my snack box size.
I'm still trying things out, so I got the five box size
{they also have 10 box and 20 box sizes}

Step two was to pick my snacks from a wide range of items or have the company surprise me.
I knew I needed a lemon pucker pistachio fix, so I put those in my pantry
and that left me with three other snacks to choose from.
Lucky for me, they also had $1 snack specials to choose from,
and since I wanted to sample as much as I could, I selected three of those.

Step three has me simply waiting and receiving my monthly order.
Each month you can change the items in your snack pantry, add different ones, or have the company surprise you.


Remember how I told you I was a bit confused with the ordering process?
Well, that's because I ordered with a special promo code.

I immediately called the company after placing my order because I wanted to make sure that I was going to receive my two orders of lemon pucker pistachios.
{can you tell how much I love them???}
I was told by the very lovely customer service agent that after I placed my order I had 6 hours to place my desired snacks in my pantry que. 

I knew NatureBox had it all figured out and I was just complicating it.
Several days later, I received my box of snacks in the mail and was surprised to see that none of the snacks that I put in my pantry were in my box.

I called customer service to report the mix up and Julie was as nice as could be and offered to resend the correct order.  We were unsure why the mix up happened, but NatureBox was as kind as could be to resend the correct box
{with the right number of lemon pucker pistachios inside!} 
and they let me keep the box that they sent to me that was incorrect.

Just this afternoon, I received an e-mail from Julie telling me that they realized that the error was because the promo code I was using was a popsugar promo code and I was unable to select my snacks with that promo, but instead I was provided with snacks that had been pre-selected.  

However, even though the fault was probably mine since I used a promo code that probably somewhere said that, they still followed through with their promise to send me the snacks that I had selected in my pantry
free of charge!

Talk about good customer service!

And since I love a company with good customer service and am now a loyal customer, I want you all to feel free to order without regret or fear.
I promise you will love NatureBox as much as I do!
{and don't forget to try the lemon pucker pistachios!}

If you would like to place an order for your own NatureBox, 
feel free to use this code for $5 off your first order.

In the nature of full disclosure, there are affiliate links included in this post.
If you choose to order from this company, I may receive a discount off of my own order.

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