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No sew Duct Tape tote bag and updated school supplies

In case you hadn't noticed, duct tape is all the rage!
I have a tween daughter that is obsessed with duct tape.
The patterns, colors and varieties make it so that the possibilities are endless!

Not only is my daughter obsessed with duct tape,
she is also obsessed with anything chevron.
Which is why I made this chevron duct tape tote bag.

The bag is versatile and can be used for a gift bag, school supplies, or anything else that you can think of!

I started by cutting 12 inch strips of tape.
I used coordinating colors of sea blue and chevron.
You can find a selection of duct tape here.

Once you have about seven strips of each, you can start making your duct tape fabric.

I started by laying my sea blue pieces of duct tape down and slightly overlapping them.
On top of the sea blue tape, I laid my chevron tape down making sure that I covered the seams and lined up my pattern as closely as possible.

Continue this process until you have a piece of duct tape fabric that is 12 inches wide and 14 inches tall.

Repeat the process of making duct tape fabric, 
except this time, make your fabric piece 12" wide and 18" tall.
You can trim your edges to make them square.
I folded up the extra eighth of an inch of blue at the bottom to make a finished seam.

I folded three sides of my duct tape fabric that I made two inches in and creased them with my finger.

I wanted my chevron pattern to be on the outside of my bag,
so I put the duct tape chevron side down.
I lined up the bottoms of the duct tape and overlapped the two inch creases that I made.

Cover the new seam with two pieces of 18" long duct tape.

Turn your duct tape sheet over and cover it with half of a piece {cut lengthwise}
 of 18" long duct tape.
I used a piece of coordinating sea blue duct tape on the front to cover and seal my seam.

With your sea blue side down, 
roll the other side of your duct tape over, line up your two inch creased edge
 and repeat by sealing that seam with duct tape.
You will have a long duct tape tube.

Turn your tube inside out so that the blue is on the inside and the chevron is on the outside.

With the longer end of your bag away from you,
use your creases that you folded in the previous step to fold the bottom of the bag.

The bottom of the bag will fold together sort of like you are wrapping a present.
This is what the inside will look like.
Cut two pieces of 8" long tape and cover the inside of the bottom.

Now that the inside of the bag is sealed,
turn your bag over and seal the bottom of your bag with another strip of duct tape.

This is how the finished bottom will look.

Turn the bag with the opening towards you.
You will make two cuts along the side edges to complete the top of the bag.
Fold the two pieces you cut towards you and place two pieces of duct tape over them.

You can stop here with a flat closed top,
or you can continue to make a rounded close like I did.

I took a salad plate and used that as a guide to cut rounded corners on my bag.

Once the corners were rounded, I used a piece of duct tape that I cut in half to trim the edges.
Because I wanted this to be a no sew project, I needed to find a closure for my bag.
So I found a large binder clip to use.
You could also use Scotch® hook and loop fasteners on your bag.

I used a few pieces of duct tape on my binder clip to make it match and I was all done!

I still had plenty of duck tape left, so I found some boring supplies 
and updated them with a little chevron tape.

I even created a lanyard to hold my daughter's student ID.
I started by cutting a piece of duck tape 44" long.
I folded the edges in towards the center and pressed them down.

I used a 2.5" piece to hold the ends of the duct tape strip together.

I folded the tape around the end.

I folded the end of the tape so that it would fit into the circle end of the clip that I had.

After I folded the end over, I sealed it in place with another piece of tape.

As a increased feature for safety, you can also use Scotch® hook and loop fasteners to create a breakaway on the back of the lanyard.

It doesn't take much to update your school supplies.
Just a roll of duct tape and some imagination!

Now fill your bag

close it up,

 and you are ready to have an awesome new school year
with supplies that no one else will have!

I am proud to be a 3M- sponsored blogger, and, as part of my responsibilities, I get the opportunity to evaluate new products from Scotch® Duct Tape. Opinions are my own and additional product used in the project were selected by me.

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