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Gift ideas that keep on giving

It's crazy how fast this year has gone, but it's that time again.
Time to start thinking about finding the perfect gift for those little guys in your life.
My kids love opening presents at Christmas, but sometimes the accumulation of all that stuff, gets a little bit overwhelming.
Here are a few ideas for gifts for kids and families that aren't just stuff.
All of these gift ideas receive the Holy Craft seal of approval.
 I love getting my kids
{or requesting for my kids}
subscriptions to gifts that keep on giving throughout the year.
My younger two kids {9,12} love Lego's!
They almost always request a set for their birthday or Christmas.
I love giving Lego's because it's hours of entertainment for the kids and it's time that is spent away from a screen!  Sometimes that's hard to come by at this age!

The problem is, my kids put together a Lego kit, put it on display in their room and never touch it again.  No matter if the kit has three different versions, once is enough.
Over the years we have a huge accumulation of Lego's that go unplayed with because they were put together and are now sitting as relics on the shelf.
The genius company that is Pley has read my mind and created a Lego rental system.
Our family has been a member of Pley for a month now, 
and the kids just shipped back their second set.
Pley - Rent LEGO Sets!
Pley is like the Netflix for Lego's.  
You set up your account, choose from three different subscription levels,
select a pleylist of Lego sets that your kids desire, and before you know it, your pley set is on it's way!
The sets come in a mesh bag sanitized and complete with instruction manual(s).

Your kids put the set together, play with it for as long as they like,
and then take it apart and put it back in the mesh bag.
The postage is paid and there is no shipping cost for you.

We shipped the first set back and received the second set in less than a week!
My kids are hooked!
They love getting a new Lego set every week and I have loved that they have had something to do inside now that the weather has turned.
If you are a grandparent, aunt or uncle, trust me, this is the perfect gift for kids 4-12.
Their parents will thank you too, because the kids will stay occupied for hours putting the new kits together.
It's a win win!
Bonus, the first month is free!
Pley - Rent LEGO Sets!
The other subscription service that I love is Kiwi Crate.
We gave the Crates a shot three years ago {holy cow, my little guy has grown!} and while I thought that my kids had outgrown the service,
I was wrong!
Kiwi Crate Family Brands >>
There are Koala crates for the 3-4 year olds, kiwi crates for 4-8 year olds, tinker crates for 9-14+ and doodle crates for 9-16+.
Pretty sure my artsy tween daughter would love the doodle crates.
Actually, I would love to receive a doodle crate myself!
How awesome are those geometric canvas pouches?!
Doodle Crate >>
And how cool are these tinker crates?
My 9 year old would love making a trebucet.
The crates are not only educational, they are fun too!
Tinker Crate >>
I'm pretty sure you can think of a kid or two that would love to receive a monthly crate to create and play with.
Lucky for you, there is a $10 off discount code.
Just enter NOVEMBER10 at checkout.
I promise, your kids will love these kits.
I've tried them, ordered them and as a parent, they have my seal of approval.

Besides subscriptions, another gift idea that gets the Holy Craft seal of approval are memberships to local zoo's or museums.

If your family has plans to travel, it's worth looking into reciprocal memberships.
Find out if your zoo membership is good for a trip to a zoo in an area that you may be visiting on your summer vacation.
 {For more information on reciprocal zoo memberships.}

Perhaps your science museum membership is reciprocal at a museum by your family members that you may be staying with over summer break.
One year we weren't planning on buying a science museum membership but because our travel plans over one of the kids breaks included a trip to Portland, and a stop at OMSI, the membership paid for itself.
It's a great gift idea for a whole family, especially a family with little ones.

And finally, looking into classes or lessons for kids or families, is another great gift idea that keeps on giving.
Deal sites like Groupon or Living Social often times run great rates and help make participating in classes more affordable.
My daughter received horseback riding lessons purchased from a Groupon on one of her birthdays.
She also participated in a pottery class at a local art studio.
Just make sure you are reading the fine print before you buy.

Give these ideas a shot!
Add them to your kids wish lists!
And then let me know what you think.
 disclaimer: this post contains some affiliate links. All opinions are 100% my own. I wouldn't share it, if I didn't love it.

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