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A handwritten note is the best gift

Since the invention of the interwebs and the ease of computers I know I don't send as many handwritten notes or even address as many cards as I used to.

I remember a few years ago when I was in Washington DC, one of the things that stuck out the most to me when looking at those historical documents was how amazing their handwriting was.

I have never really liked my handwriting and lets be honest, it's just easier sometimes to send a quick text or e-mail of thanks.  I do try to make it a point to send out as many handwritten notes as I can because I think that it's a lost art.

Some of my favorite recipes are those written in my mother's handwriting and I always love it when someone takes the time to add a personalized message to a card that I receive. My favorite part of the Christmas season is receiving holiday cards from friends and family. It doesn't have to be much, but I always love seeing a sweet note scribbled at the bottom of a card or by their picture.

My youngest son recently had a student teacher in his class from the beginning of the year, until last week.  She graduates this week and is no longer in the class, but she certainly made her mark on those kids.  I made sure that I included a nice handwritten thank you card for her along with her gift.

Speaking of teacher gifts, tis the season! A handwritten note with a coffee card would be much appreciated. Also, a pair of movie tickets for the teacher and a friend would be a great gift.

Here are a few great gift ideas for those teachers in your life. You may not want to meet them at the movies, but they would probably appreciate the extra movie ticket for one of their friends. Trust me, I know teachers love those handwritten notes, especially those of appreciation for all of their hard work.

I am a big fan of hand lettering and wish that I was better at it.  When I see a Christmas card handwritten in gorgeous font with scribbles and circlicues, it's the first card I open.  Guess the only way to get better at it is to practice am I right?!  I love this tag envelope from Big Flourish

 photo tag-envelope.jpg

While you may hate your handwriting, others will appreciate knowing you took the time to think of them. Pop a handwritten note in the mail today and maybe decorate that envelope too!

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