20 homemade soup recipes to try today! - Rachel Teodoro

20 homemade soup recipes to try today!

Soup is my favorite!  I make a pot of soup at least once a week and always love trying new recipes. Here are 20 homemade soup recipes to try this winter.
Broccoli cheese soup
chicken bacon and wild rice soup
slow cooker baked potato soup
pasta e fagioli soup
creamy pumpkin soup
nine vegetable hot and sour soup
fresh spinach garlic and tomato tortellini soup
vegetable soup
seven vegetable minestrone
mexican chicken lime soup
crockpot bacon cheeseburger soup
beef barley soup
tailgate chili
cabbage soup
cheesy vegetable chowder
ham and white beans soup
crockpot chicken taco chili
chicken fajita soup
lasagna soup
lemon chicken orzo soup
I'm always sharing and finding new recipes to try.  For more recipes, you can find me on Pinterest.  

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