Unfinished craft frame turned into a custom earring and memo board

I'm slowly making my way through the amazing swag that I received at SNAP conference in April. I had an awesome unfinished frame from Cut It Out and some paint from Folk Art.  Come see what I made when I put a few things I had on hand together.

My 13 year old daughter loves her accessories!  She's a big fan of earrings in particular but finds that they get lost, especially the little ones.  Her collection of small flower buds are too beautiful to not display, so we created double duty for them.  This frame can act like an earring holder or a memo display or both!

I painted the frame in this turquoise blue and once it was dry I used adhesive cork {I always have some on hand because this stuff is the best!} to cover the back. 

Now, Isabella has a home for all of her small earrings!  And if she wants, she can pin up any little note using the earrings as a push pin. 

photo credit Seoul Photography
What would you make with an unfinished frame?

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