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If you haven't noticed by my blog postings, I love free and cheap. I love to pick up a good deal and I love the hunt for a bargain. One thing I love is when I don't have to do much of anything to get something. That's why I love swagbucks.

Search & Win

I installed swagbucks as my homepage on my computer a few months ago to give it a whirl. I was cautious and have monitored my spam to see if it's increasing (it's not) or if I became more susceptible to viruses by adding something different to my computer (no viruses to speak of).

Over the past few months I have gotten enough swagbucks to buy four $10 Starbucks gift cards. Swagbucks work just like any other search engine, but you can occasionally make swagbucks just by searching for things you would normally search for. I usually get around 15 bucks a day...not many, but they add up.

I am giving this whole advertising thing a whirl (blogging is time consuming so I thought I would see if it could help give me some incentive to keep on keeping on). I do get bucks for referrals, so if you were thinking of trying it, please, use this
If you aren't sure about it right now, I've added a swagbucks icon just below my labels on the side, you can always check back another time. Go check out their rewards page...what would you save for? Or, what have you bought with your bucks?

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