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Things I can't find

We have been in our new house now for nearly 12 weeks. The two things I can't seem to find that got lost in the move:

Waring MBB518 Professional Quality Food & Beverage Blen
this super nice blender that I got from a garage sale
Shock Doctor BioFlex Sports Cup - Click to enlarge
and my oldest sons jock strap. Random, I know.

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Suesan said...

Things I have lost in moves: All of our silverware. It was found months later in with some stuff we'd moved for my in-laws. All of my knives got lost in another move. They were never found. None of our hangers made it the last move, but they got left somewhere in Colorado when we had to reorganize the truck and couldn't fit everything in. I'm still trying to replenish my supply. Good luck getting settled. I'd like to say they'll turn up, but you never know.

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