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Music Favorites

Lucky number 14 is: Christina said... 14

My favorite song? That's so hard! I'm loving listening to "Poison & Wine" by The Civil should listen to it!! :)
Thanks for the song suggestion Christina. I've never heard of them but pulled the song up on youtube and really like it!
Speaking of songs, I really love music. Definitely a trait from my father since we always had music playing in the house. I have several favorites that change all the time, but my favorite right now is Mumford and Sons, The Cave. Another one I can't get enough of is Dolly Parton's song Jolene (yep, sort of old school). You can never get enough Dave Matthews Band and I love his version of the song Long Black Veil . I also have two favorite Christian songs right now. The first is What Do I Know of Holy by Addison Road. The other is Hold Us Together by Matt Maher.

Fun fact: two years ago, before we had cell phones (yep, only two years ago!) we were in LAX waiting for our limo (cheaper than a taxi for our family of five) we needed to call the car service so we borrowed some nice guys phone. Guess who they were? The Lost Trailers! They were a little known country band heading to LA to play some small venue. If you haven't heard of them (we hadn't either!) here's one of my favorite songs by them. How 'bout you don't .

It was fun listening to some of your favorites. Thanks for the suggestions!

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Christina said...

So glad you like the song suggestion!! I'm a little obsessed with the song right now :) And thanks again so much for the give-away!! :)

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