Entertaining this holiday season? I'm sure you could use a drink!

Entertaining and the holidays go hand in hand.
When we entertain, I always like to have a bottle of wine everyone can enjoy.
I recently learned about Last Bottle Wines and can't wait to share the company with you.

Last bottle wines is like a groupon for wine enthusiasts.
Every day, Last Bottle wines sells one carefully selected wine from around the world at up to 75% off the retail price!  This means that you can get a great bottle of wine, at a phenomenal price!

What better way to treat your holiday guests than with a perfectly selected high end bottle of wine at a deep discount for you.  {Though your friends and family don't need to know that!}

Every month, Last Bottle wines sells over 1 million dollars worth of discounted wine!
That's a lot of wine!
And even more people are learning one of the best kept secrets on how to score good quality wine at a great price!  And now you can too!

Want to know the best part?
Last Bottle wines offers free ground shipping and free weather holds in the summer and winter months to ensure that you receive the best quality wine possible.
Every Last Bottle customer receives a 2% credit on all wine purchases and for every friend that you refer to Last Bottle wines, you receive a $20 credit and so your friend doesn't get left out, they receive a $5 credit!

One of the best perks is that if you are the lucky purchaser of the actual "last bottle", you will receive a $25 credit to your account.
It's no surprise that Food and Wine lists Last Bottle in the top 10 on-line best wine shops!

Last Bottle Wines was founded in 2011 by three long time Napa Valley wine professionals.
They have connections to many of the Napa Valley winemakers and provide you with the unique opportunity to try out boutique and high quality wines that are otherwise only available if you travel to Napa.

To see today's wine of the day come visit lastbottlewines.com

Join today, invite your friends and start saving!

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