Everything You Need to Know Before You Go to Juneau, Alaska

Juneau, Alaska is a popular port if you are taking a cruise to Alaska, but it's also a great place to plan a stand-alone trip too as well. There are plenty of shore excursions to take so that you can explore this Southeast Alaska gem. This Alaska town, like many others, was born because of gold and after a whole treasure trove was found and a rush occurred, Juneau became the state capital. It's fairly easy to get to. From Seattle, it's only a two-hour flight. So come explore Juneau, Alaska and see what you should plan while you are there!



What to Expect on Your First Visit to Paris

After several canceled trips {thanks COVID}, I wasn't sure if we would ever see Paris. I spent {literally} years planning our trip, not because it's super complicated, but because so much with travel has just been changing and evolving. While travel to Europe used to be very fly by the seat of your pants, it's definitely not like that anymore. Reservations need to be made well in advance for everything from museums to the summit at the Eiffel Tower and a little bit of pre-planning will make your first visit to Paris extremely smooth and successful. Here are a few things I learned on my first visit to Paris!

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The Best 5 Day Normandy Road Trip

Most people hear Normandy and think D Day beaches. Heck, even I did before I did my research! But Normandy is a region, not just a beach and it holds some of the most breathtaking scenery in all of France. Normandy is one of the most famous destinations in France and it's just a few hours outside of Paris. It's an easy addition to any trip, and it can be experienced with a road trip. There are miles and miles of rolling countryside and dramatic coastal cliffs and everything in between.  You really aren't going to want to miss it! Here's the ultimate 5 day Normandy road trip.



5 New Ways to Get Over Jet Lag

I didn't start traveling internationally until I was well into my 30's. I remember returning from a trip to Uganda and jet lag hit me hard. I was up before the sun, usually dragging by the afternoon and forced into a nap and then by the evening, I was useless after eight. I knew there had to be a better way to overcome jet lag. On my next international trip, I adapted so much better, I think because I learned a few skills that have helped me overcome jetlag. I'm sharing a few new ways for you to get over jetlag too.

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Family Fun with Teens in Wilsonville, Oregon

A few years ago, I realized I hadn't spent a lot of time exploring the beautiful area that we live in and I set out to change that. The PNW is arguably the most beautiful place to be in the summer with mountains, rivers, trees, and trails. The weather is mild and it's easy to be outside or relax inside. Our family was hosted by ExploreWilsonville recently and we had the best time. Wilsonville is in the heart of it all and only 16 miles south of Portland, making it the perfect home base to explore Oregon. 

wilsonville oregon with teens

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