Is a Cruise to Alaska a Good Trip for Teens?

We love traveling with our family. It's so important for us to be able to show our kids as much of the world as we can and have shared family experiences together. Some of our best family memories surround adventures that have taken place when we are traveling. Recently, on a cruise to Alaska, with Holland America, where my 16-year-old son was my plus one, a grandma came up to us excitedly, grabbing Owen's arm and said "Oh! So my teenage grandkids would love a cruise to Alaska don't you think?" This sweet grandma wanted to create a multi-generational travel experience and while she didn't really wait for our response, here's what I would tell someone if they were interested in planning a cruise to Alaska with their teens.

alaska cruise with teens


Homemade Spaghetti Sauce Using Fresh Garden Tomatoes

I've had a garden every summer for a few decades and I always grow tomatoes. Not because I love them, but because they are an easy thing to grow if I'm honest. I almost always have success with tomato plants, even if I plant them from seed. Some years, I have more than others and while my favorite thing to make with them is pico de gallo {this recipe is my favorite!}, spaghetti sauce is a close second. Probably because I always feel like a freakin' homesteader mid-winter when I bust out a jar and make a quick family dinner with it! I'm sharing this homemade spaghetti sauce recipe today using fresh garden tomatoes. No garden, no problem! Tomatoes are cheap at the tail end of summer and you can easily find them at your local farmer's market, at the supermarket, or from a friend who has a garden.

homemade spaghetti sauce


What I Wish I Packed for My Cruise to Alaska

Living just outside of Seattle, I have seen the cruise ships coming in and out of the local ports downtown. I've seen excited passengers before and after their Alaskan cruises wandering around the hot spots in the city. I've even driven people into the port to catch their cruise to Alaska, but I've never taken a cruise to Alaska myself. When Holland America gave me the opportunity to hop onboard the Nieuw Amsterdam on a seven-day cruise to Alaska in late August, I jumped at the chance. As I prepared for the trip, I realized I'm not the only one completely clueless about what to pack on a cruise to Alaska in the summer. There were numerous blog posts, articles, and threads on the topic. I'm used to wearing layers living in the Pacific Northwest, but then I started questioning myself about what to pack. I'm not going to lie, I packed like a Kardashian going to fashion week. After returning, and now a semi-professional Alaska cruiser, here's what I wish I had packed for my cruise to Alaska.



Summer in the San Juan Islands, Washington

For years I've wanted to venture up to the San Juan Islands just a few hours northwest of Seattle. The summers in the Pacific Northwest are undoubtedly the best around, which makes them the most desirable time of the year to visit. You really have to plan ahead if you want to visit the San Juans {a year is best if you are going in the summer}, and planning ahead isn't my forte, I'm more of a last-minute Lucy. But this year, I put it on my list and this year, we made the plans and scheduled the trip. I learned a lot by visiting San Juan Island and I'm here to share all the things you wouldn't read in the guidebooks and on other websites.

summer san juan islands, wa


Everything You Need to Know Before you Book a Cruise to Alaska

I think everyone needs to book a cruise to Alaska at least once in their lives. Alaska is such a beautiful destination and you can get a real feel for the state by making several stops in the area ports. I recently went on a week-long cruise hosted by Holland America and here is everything you need to know before you book a cruise to Alaska.



DIY on a Budget

Nothing quite beats the fantastic feeling you get when you redecorate a space or make something with your hands. If you are looking to create a fresh look for your home while taking it easy on your wallet, there are plenty of clever ways that you can DIY anything on a budget! You don’t need a lot of money to do things yourself, and this post will help show you how!



The Ultimate Back-to-School Experience with Cricut

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% my own.

I've had kids in some form of school since 2000, so after 21 years, I feel like I'm probably some kind of expert. I have a closet stocked full of frequently used school supplies because you don't ever want to run out! With my youngest entering into his junior year of high school, there are fewer back-to-school supply shopping lists and more of finding supplies that work for each kid. My teens are beyond particular about what pens and pencils they use and while I liked multi-subject notebooks for notetaking, I can't get anyone else on board with my system! Everyone has their own thing and that's totally ok which is why I LOVE using Cricut for all of our back-to-school supplies because it allows us to be creative with otherwise ho-hum supplies. And there's nothing more teens like than having their own unique style and with the Cricut, you can make that happen! Come check out how I elevated some plain school supplies and made them into something my teenager would love to go back to school with.

back to school teen supplies


How To Decorate Your Home for Free

If you have just moved into a new place or you are looking for ways to redecorate your home, you don’t have to go out and buy a bunch of new decor pieces and furniture. There are plenty of creative ways to use what you already have on hand or create something with materials to create a fresh and updated look for your space. Here is how to decorate your home for free.



How to Make Your Own Vintage Style Varsity Sweatshirt Using the Cricut Explore Air 2

This post is brought to you by Cricut. All opinions are 100% my own.

One of my earliest memories happened when I was shopping at a garage sale. I was barely school-aged buying some newborn baby clothes for my dolls. I remember digging in a cardboard box for the perfect yellow pajamas with snaps in the smallest size they had and offering up the quarter I had in my sweaty palm. I haven't stopped buying second-hand clothes and love that I can take someone's trash and make it my own treasure! Check out how I upcycled my own DIY varsity vintage sweatshirt using the Cricut Explore Air 2 and some garage sale duds I bought for $1.



5 Money Habits that Will Turn You Into a Saver

Do you consider yourself to be a spender? Or are you a saver? When it comes to managing your finances, you likely fall into one of the two categories. I would consider myself to be a saver, but I wasn’t always this way! There was a time when I would have categorized myself as a spender. So what changed? I changed some of my money habits to make me into a saver or a recovering spender, I should say. Here are some of the money habits I developed to turn myself into a saver.

5 money habits that will turn you into a saver


Personalized DIY Love Letter Anniversary Box for Him Made with the Cricut Joy

This post is brought to you by Cricut. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Things have changed so quickly in the past few decades. My husband and I met and started dating in college in the late '90s. The internet barely existed and during the first summer we were together, 2500 miles separated the two of us. Long-distance dating isn't for the faint of heart, and home phones and calling cards were our reality. We knew exactly how much it cost per minute to talk on the phone, and since several times zones separated us, we wrote a lot of letters. A lot. I'm fairly certain the reason Hallmark stayed in business was because we both bought cards on the regular from there. {Thank goodness for my Cricut Joy now so I can make my own cards for a fraction of the price!}. We just celebrated our wedding anniversary, and instead of tucking away our old love letters in a box in the garage, I pulled them out and made a personalized DIY love letter anniversary box for him using the Cricut Joy. It's such an inexpensive way to store special memories but with the personalized vinyl using my Cricut, it sure looks like a million bucks! 



9 Tips for Using the New Cricut Joy Foil Transfer Tool

I have a minor obsession with my Cricut Joy. I call it my small but mighty crafting tool. I am always blown away that it can do basically anything the larger machines can do, but the Joy can fit in the palm of your hand. I have done everything with it from wallpapering a closet to making clothes for my pups. I recently got to try the new Cricut Joy Foil Transfer Tool and I learned a few things I thought I'd pass on. Mostly though, I basically just became even more obsessed with my Cricut Joy and all the things it can do!


Top 10 Worst Money Myths You Need to Forget

There is no shortage out there of gurus and experts with a thing or two to say on the subject when it comes to money and personal finance. Unfortunately, the reality is that with all this information out there, many money myths have developed as a result of it. I’m here to debunk ten of the worst money myths that are just plain bad financial advice!



10 Things We Learned from Building a DIY Porch Swing Bed

When I was a kid, our house had a porch swing and it was one of my favorite things. We spent hours on that swing being rocked to sleep by my dad, swinging with friends, and sharing secrets on warm summer nights in the midwest. I have very fond memories of it, with the exception of the one time my dad was rocking my little brother, Ben, to sleep and as he carefully came back inside a bat flew in too. There was an evening of screaming and running from end to end of the house chasing a bat with a broomstick for what seemed like hours. In the end, no one slept much.

diy porch swing bed everything you need to know

We have a covered porch area much like we did when I was a kid, and when I saw the plans from Plank and Pillow for an easy-to-follow DIY porch swing bed, I knew I wanted one! I had purchased outdoor furniture for the back patio about 11 years ago for $10 and had grown tired of it. I was able to sell it on Facebook Marketplace {check this post for more tips for selling your items}for $150, so we used some of the profit on the lumber because, hello, wood is expensive right now! 

porch before and after

Keep reading for 10 things we learned from building a DIY porch swing bed and how we made it our own.

diy porch swing bed


A Beginner's Guide to Succulents and Cacti

Adding a cactus or a succulent to your garden is the perfect beginner's plant for an indoor or outdoor garden. There are thousands of different species and they are pretty darn easy to care for them. If you can give them full sun and occasional water, you are going to have success. And having success is the best thing for a beginner gardener. Here is everything you need to know to get started with succulents or cactus.


How to Manage Your Credit Cards Responsibly

Credit cards are a powerful tool that can help you build credit and help protect you from fraud when you use them for online purchases. While credit cards are an asset if you can use them, they can become a liability and even dangerous if you’re not careful. If you are thinking about opening a credit card, here is how to manage your credit cards responsibly, so you don’t make these same money mistakes.



5 Hard to Kill Plants for Your Flower Garden

Even the most experienced gardener loves hard-to-kill plants. If you're a beginner, these plants can make everyone think that you have a green thumb. These perennials will come back year after year and give you a starting point from which to build your garden.



5 Gardening Secrets for a Bountiful Tomato Crop

One of the easiest vegetable plants to grow is tomatoes. A still sun-warmed tomato is one of my favorite treats in the summer! As easy and plentiful as tomatoes are to grow, they can be a bit fussy sometimes, so here are 5 gardening secrets so that you can have a bountiful tomato crop this summer!



5 Expenses that Are Ruining Your Budget

Do you ever feel like no matter how much your budget, you can’t seem to get a handle on your finances? Sometimes it can feel like budgeting ends up not working out because you can’t keep track of your spending. The reality is that there may be some expenses that could be ruining your budget or making it harder to stick to! Here are five expenses that are ruining your budget.

expenses that are ruining your budget


Everything Your College-Age Kid Needs To Know Before Moving Into Their First Apartment

College is such an exciting time of life that is full of firsts. First time away from home, first time managing their own schedule, the first time being fully independent. There are lots of baby steps towards independence with the safety net of home that college provides. I think we all remember what it felt like when we moved into our first place. It's exciting with a side of butterflies brought on by adult responsibility. As your college-aged kids prepare to move into their first apartment or rental home, here are the things I would recommend to help them adjust.

college kid moving out


8 {Money-Saving} Reasons Why You Should Save Your Receipts

Organization isn't my strong suit. It's just not. I like organized people and organized systems, but it's not something that comes naturally to me. My husband though, it's his thing. He loves spreadsheets and envelopes and labels and order. I appreciate that because time and time again, this one thing has come in clutch {look it up in Urban Dictionary}. For the last 23 years, I've saved crumpled receipts placing them in my husband's inbox and he smoothes every one of them, inputting the numbers and reconciling them with our bank statement before carefully putting them into a monthly envelope. Why save receipts? I've got a few reasons why this one habit could save you money!



How To Give Generously On Any Budget

You don't have to be wealthy to live generously. On both sides of our family, generous living and giving were modeled for us. I think this is one of the reasons why it was easy for us to make giving a habit in our daily lives. Even when we were living on $12,000 a year, we still made it a priority to give generously on a regular basis. Now that we are living completely debt-free {even paying off our home!}, we have more freedom to give generously. Living generously will vary from person to person and from situation to situation, but I have some tips for how you can give generously on any budget.



Fast Facts about Turks and Caicos Islands

Found just north of Hispaniola {the island which includes Haiti and the Dominican Republic}, south and east of the Bahamas, and northeast of Cuba, the Turks and Caicos Islands are beautiful lands in the middle of the Caribbean, which belong to Britain. It's the perfect tropical island for a romantic or family getaway. Below are some facts about the Turks and Caicos Islands.

tropical island vacation guide

How to Afford Family travel {10 Mistakes You're Making and How to Fix Them}

When it comes to planning a trip with your family, it can start to get expensive quickly. Between flights or gas, accommodations, and fun while you’re there, you could be spending thousands on your next trip! To help you save some money and plan smarter, here are ten mistakes you’re making and how to fix them so you can afford to travel as a family.

family travel mistakes


A Locals Guide to Pike Place Market

When I first moved to the greater Seattle area, I thought I'd go to Pike Place Market once a week to pick up fresh flowers for our home. I've lived here for 20 years. Know how many times I've picked up flowers at Pike Place? Once. For years Pike Place Market overwhelmed me. It was always crowded and there were so many little spots to stop but I wasn't sure exactly which ones were the best and I felt like I spent half my time just working my way through crowds and getting from one end to the other without seeing much of anything. I became intentional about wanting to learn more about the market because there is so much history there. I think most tourists know Pike Place is iconic to Seattle, but aren't sure why and don't know more other than they are supposed to visit. This blog post has been almost five years in the making. I'll make sure you make the most of your Pike Place Market visit and I think it will make you really enjoy it that much more. So here's a locals perspective on Pike Place. Take notes my friends!



10 Best Destinations to Visit This Summer

Planning a summer vacation is so inviting! With so many possible destinations on the horizon and a year of being cooped up, you are finally ready to head out there and start traveling again. If you are looking for a great destination to visit this summer, here are ten of the best destinations to visit this summer.



How to Pay Off Your Home Loan Early

This week we will be making our final mortgage payment on our home. It's the only debt we have and at 42 and 43 years old respectively, it feels like quite an accomplishment. Sharing about this came after hours of conversations with my husband during our final year of mortgage payments. These types of conversations actually make my husband and me very uncomfortable. My grandma never wanted to talk about money. She would have rather people thought she had no money than people knowing the truth - that because of her frugal lifestyle she actually had a lot of money. 

This doesn’t come from us wanting to brag but instead comes from a place of humility and wanting to help others be financially free because being free is a pretty amazing feeling. We felt like this could be beneficial information for others to know. And as I've shared our countdown to the final payment with all of you, many of you have reached out asking us how we did it. Today, I'm going to share how we paid off our home in 10 years and are now completely debt-free. Did you even think that was possible? It is, and you can do it too!



DIY Patio Update on a Budget with the Cricut Explore Air

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut for Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

I always hated yard work. I'm not sure if it was because so much of my time as a new homeowner was spent weeding during my kids' naptimes only to find myself in an endless loop. It seemed that as soon as I started weeding one area I'd return to where I started only to have to do it all over again. It was exhausting and not one where I could really enjoy the fruits of my labor. My kids have gotten older and I have been a homeowner for two decades now and I'm cautiously going to admit that I think I've fallen into a new love of gardening. It's so satisfying to see new life bloom, spread, and grow and I'm getting more confident in my skills that now it seems like I can sit back and enjoy it. Which is why creating an outdoor patio area where I can sit back and relax is important to me.

Like all things, I'm always on a budget and hit my local thrift shop for some items to help me upcycle my patio space just in time for summer. I used my Cricut Explore Air 2 and I'm excited about the fun updates. I'm going to show you how you can take some thrift shop finds and update them to create a space you can enjoy all summer long! 

diy patio upcycle on budget with cricut


Fun and Free: How to Find the Best Free Resources in Your Community

Whether you’re on a tight budget, spending freeze, or just trying to save a little bit of money, there are plenty of fun, free things to do! When it comes to frugal fun, you can’t go wrong with any of these fun free resources in your city! No matter where you live, these are great options for any family. Here are the best free resources you should be taking advantage of.

fun free resources


Money-Sucking Habits to Break Today!

Habits are pretty hard to break, especially bad ones that we know aren’t good for us, like drinking soda or impulse buys, but the rush of serotonin we get from those habits can make it hard to quit. Your habits, especially when associated with money, can shape your financial future. Do you want to know the secret to building wealth? It starts by cutting these money-sucking habits!

money sucking habits you should break now


More Money Making Tips: Buying and Selling Used and Making a Profit

Back in January, I started these fun little alliteration money-saving challenges. I had Jumpstart January, Frugal February, Money Making March, April Audit, and now {what should be} Money Saving May, but guess what? It's my blog and I am going to shake things up. I had such a HUGE response from readers who loved following along with me on my money-making March challenge. I started out with a goal to put $500 back into my pocket, and I ended the month making $1000! Just by selling items I had at home. I continue to hear from people on an almost daily basis about how they were inspired to sell an item or two on eBay, at consignment or on Facebook Marketplace.

I get giddy when I hear your successes, but even more giddy now that I have an extra $1000 in my pocket! I mean, come on. With your success stories, I'm also still getting questions about how you can successfully make money selling your old stuff, so I thought I'd take another month to tackle all of your questions and to take you along with me as I attempt to replicate my success from money-making March. Dare I set the challenge to make ANOTHER $1000 selling my stuff?

more ways to make money from  home


Making a Successful Transition from Stay at Home Mom to Working Mom

I graduated from college with a toddler. After graduation, I don't even think it was a discussion, I knew I wanted to stay at home with my kids. It was a sacrifice that we made for our family and I wouldn't trade that time at home with my family for anything. But I'm not one of those ladies who lunch either. Even when the kids were young, I was a perpetual volunteer always finding ways to keep myself busy outside of parenting and playdates. Once all three kids were in school full time, I started transitioning to working a very full part-time schedule. This wasn't an easy transition, and we made a lot of mistakes, but I'd like to share some things I learned with you in case transitioning from being a SAHM {stay at home mom} to a working mom is something on the horizon for you.



Instant Pot Pulled Pork Sandwich Recipe

I have a love/hate relationship with my Instant Pot. I feel fooled every time I use it. People who sing its praises talk about how you can make dinner in under 10 minutes and I get excited about that, but then I try it and I'm waiting 10 minutes for the dang thing to just start to warm up and count down. I digress. Though I did write my thoughts about the Instant Pot here, so if you want to commiserate with me, go check that post out. All that to say, I use my Instant Pot at least once a week and this instant pot pulled pork recipe is one of our favorites. I can often find pork on sale at my local grocery for cheap, and when I do, I often freeze it for an easy weeknight recipe. If you're looking for something easy you can whip together, check out this Instant Pot Pulled Pork Sandwich.

instant pot pulled pork


Creating Boho Bedroom Decor with the Cricut Explore Air 2

This post is brought to you by Cricut. All opinions are 100% my own.

We are in a transition phase of our life where we have more bedrooms that are empty than full. We've got young adults who are moving out on their own {and even buying their own houses!} and while I've had a few naysayers tell me to save room because "they'll be back," I'm pretty sure the only time the big kids of mine will be back is to visit. I recently transformed one of the kids' bedrooms into a boho guest room using my Cricut Explore Air 2, and it's slowly becoming my favorite room of the house. I didn't have a huge budget to work with, but it's easy to DIY on the cheap making something custom you love using the Cricut.

boho room decor using cricut


The Easiest Loaded Potato Skins Recipe

Potato skins are one of my favorite appetizers! Not only are they loaded with flavor, but they also are easy to make. You probably have all of the ingredients in your pantry and fridge to make them already too. I'm all about the no-frills, easy to whip up on a whim recipes. I think making loaded potato skins was one of the first recipes I made when I was younger making them the perfect first home-cooked food you can teach those young adults in your life. Or just enjoy this loaded potato skin just for you, anytime!

loaded baked potato skins


8 Reasons Why the Cricut Joy Makes the Perfect Graduation Gift!

This post is brought to you by Cricut. All opinions are 100% my own. 

It's almost grad season! It's such a fun time to celebrate all our graduate's accomplishments. Many people find themselves at a loss on how to pick the perfect graduation gift to congratulate and honor this accomplishment in a young person's life. I find that the best gifts are those that are useful to them as they start to enter into the next chapter of their life. It's why I think that the Cricut Joy is the perfect graduation gift. Now, you may be thinking, my mom asked for a Cricut for Christmas last year, or Nancy down the street is the only person I know with a cutting machine and she's middle-aged, what would a kid do with a Cricut Joy? Friends, hold on! I'm about to share with you why the Cricut Joy makes the perfect graduation gift and why your kid will be the envy of every person on their dorm floor!

cricut joy college crafting


Can You Really Make Money With a Side Hustle? How I Made $1000 in a Month!

Side hustles are a great way to increase your income so you can pay off debt, save up for a big purchase or hit some financial goals you are falling short on. For years I was a stay-at-home mom, but I have always liked being able to help provide financially for my family when I could. I started working side hustles decades ago, but for the first time, I kept track of my side hustles in a little challenge I called Money Making March and I heard time and time again that it was everyone's favorite money challenge so far! Know what? It was mine too! I even threw in a few new side hustles to see if they helped me get to my goal faster. Want to know what I did to make an extra $1000 last month? Keep reading!

money making side hustle


Why Your Family Should Do a Personal Financial Audit

When is the last time that you did a financial audit? If you're still thinking, it's been too long! If you're wondering why your family should do a personal financial audit, there are so many benefits to having one done. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that everyone in the family can take an active role in understanding the importance of fiscal responsibility when it comes to your finances.

personal financial audit


Discovery+ and the New Magnolia Channel Everything You Need to Know

Let's face it - we just can't get enough Fixer Upper content. Chip and Joanna Gaines are just a fun and sweet couple, but the work they do on homes is truly stunning as well. Since their success just keeps increasing, it's been recently announced that they're getting ready to debut again on the newly rebranded Magnolia Channel. What does this mean for us? More Fixer Upper, more DIY projects, and even more Chip and Joanna Gaines.

If you're as excited as I am about this recent announcement, make sure to read all the details below so that you don't miss an episode or moment.




Tips for Making Money Selling at Consignment Shops

There are a lot of reasons I like to sell at consignment shops. Not only is it a great way for me to be able to clear out my closet, but it's also a great way to make a little extra money without a lot of effort. You can find consignment shops that will sell furniture, used sports equipment, baby and kid's stuff, and clothing. Consignment shops give you a storefront to help sell your items easily and I'm sharing my best tips on how you can make money selling your used stuff at a consignment shop.


The Number One Question Most Asked After a No Spend Challenge Month

At the beginning of the year, I decided to really focus on sharing some of my most practical money-saving tips with all of you. I started making up fun little names for each month {Jumpstart January, Frugal February, Money Making March, etc...} and each month I focused on small challenges that could add up to big change. As part of our Frugal February, the challenge month focused heavily on a no-spend challenge. Don't know what a no-spend challenge is, start here. Now that we've turned the page on the calendar and moved to the next monthly challenge {Money Making March is probably my favorite challenge month so far!}, I'm still getting this question about our challenge last month. I'm going to answer it and share all my insights from my experience. Any guesses what question people are always asking? Read on!



10 Expert Tips for Selling Used Stuff Online

If you are new here, this year I've been focusing on money tips. One of my favorite things to do as a side hustle is to resell items. I buy a whole lot of my "stuff" used, and often at quite the markdown, so I'm often making money selling things for a profit.  Some people don't want the hassle of selling online, for various reasons, but I'm here to give you some of my expert tips so you can find success selling items online. Before we start, go check out this post on how to make money buying and selling on Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp and Craigslist. This post is meant to help you overcome any of the obstacles in your way after you get past these initial first steps.

10 expert tips for selling online


Must-Have Thrift Store Decor Finds to Create with the Cricut Explore Air 2

This post is brought to you by Cricut. All opinions are 100% my own. 

You all know how much I love a good thrift store! Shopping second-hand is like a fun treasure hunt for me and I'm always taking the time to dig for that diamond in the rough. I love reimagining something that someone has had stopped finding joy in, and give it that spark again. I also like the price tag! I can usually DIY something with my Cricut and some imagination for a fraction of the price of something I could find retail. And there's something about taking someone's trash and making it into a treasure that is part of the real fun for me. Unique bespoke items are kind of the norm at a thrift shop, which sometimes makes it hard for me to share a project and for you all to feel like you could recreate a piece, but I have found through decades of thrift store shopping that there are a handful of staple items you'll always find easily second-hand. I'm sharing those items with you and giving you a few ideas on how you can upcycle them using your Cricut Explore.

thrift store decor using the Cricut explore


10 Money-Making Side Hustles You Can do From Home

I am always a fan of earning more money. Whether it’s to give yourself a little flexibility in your budget or just use your time more effectively, side hustles are always a great idea! You can do so many great side hustles from home that don’t require you to leave the house or get any extra supplies. Plus, if you are looking for a way to use your time better while at home these days, making extra money is always an option! Here are the best money-making side hustles you can do from home.

New here? Want to know how to start saving money? Start here

money making side hustles you can do from home


5 Ways to Make Extra Cash

We all could use a little extra cash right now, and if you aren’t quite making ends meet, then there are plenty of side things you can do to make some extra cash. Maybe you just want to stockpile some money for a big expense coming up. If you are looking for a good side hustle or just some extra money for a hectic season in your life, here are five ways to make extra cash.

side hustles ways to make extra cash


How to Make Money Buying and Selling on Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp or Craigslist

Making a little cash is my favorite part of decluttering. It's also one of my favorite parts of buying secondhand. I love picking something up for a deal, enjoying it for a bit, and then making money on it. It literally gives me a rush. I've been reselling for more than a decade. I've seen how online selling platforms have changed through the years and I have gotten pretty good at figuring out how to make some easy money in not a whole lot of time. Today I'm sharing how to sell on Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp or Craigslist and giving you all my tips to make some extra cash on the side!

make money buying and selling on craigslist, offerup and facebook marketplace


Money Making March Challenge: Put $500 In Your Pocket This Month!

We are closing out Frugal February and moving into Money Making March. How did it go with your no-spend challenge month? Did you participate? Even if you didn't, did some of the posts and challenges make you reexamine some of your spending habits? I know I stopped myself a few times from mindlessly scrolling on Amazon or popping on to other online stores just to take a look at their sales. I made a few minor purchase slip-ups, most of them were around the $5 mark so I call it a win. If you are new here, this year, my husband and I will be making the final payment on our home {the only debt we have}. I often get asked how we are able to live life like we do. I usually take this as a compliment because it means we are making frugal living look glamorous! I'm going to add $500 extra to my pocket this month. Want to know how? Keep reading for more!

money saving march


DIY Painted Wood Bead Garland

When it comes to home decor, DIY is my middle name! I think it's because so often when I was younger, my mom and I would be shopping and she'd always say to me, "you could make that"! {Side note, also one of the worst things you can mention out loud at a craft fair to the vendor.} I always liked the challenge of creating something and making it my own. This mostly came out of being thrifty but it also comes out of some weird calming effect the art of mass-producing things gives me. I've seen these painted wood bead garlands all over the place, from the shelves at Magnolia Market, to the baskets at the local hobby shops. I thought I'd try my hand at making them and am sharing how you can do it too! Let's go and make some DIY painted wood bead garland!

Speaking of Magnolia Market, here are 5 things you need to know before you visit!

diy painted wood bead garland

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