5 Frugal DIY Swaps for Expensive Decor

If you have been trying to redecorate your home, then chances are you know that it can get expensive very quickly. It takes a lot of cash and a lot of time to put together a beautiful home, and cash only gets you so far. These DIY swaps are inexpensive and so easy to put together! So if you’re looking for a cheaper way to redecorate your home, here are five frugal DIY swaps that you can do to replace that expensive home decor.


5 Frugal DIY Swaps for Expensive Decor


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diy artisan vase dupe pottery barn

Pottery Barn Vase

Make this fabulous artisan-style vase that is a knockoff from Pottery Barn! At $139 a vase, you can easily make this same vase for a fraction of the cost! This is a thrifty high-end dupe that will take you a short time to make, and you don’t have to have a ton of crafting experience to do this.

anthropology decor diy

Must have thrift store decor finds you can upcycle!


Anthropology Wall Art Painting

The original cost of this wall art painting is $698, and at that price, it’s worth trial and error to recreate it yourself at home! While you will need a few paint supplies and heck, you might even have everything you need at home to DIY this already! This DIY is very budget-friendly, and you can spend $65 to do TWO unique paintings, including the frames! These are great wall art pieces that you can hang in your home for less than a fraction of the cost of one of them!

Easy paint projects to update your home!


DIY Candle Dupe

Sweater Weather is a classic scent from Bath and Body Works, and the candles themselves give your home the perfect fall touch. If you’re looking for a beautiful smelling candle that still gives you that crisp fall smell for less, you can do that with this easy DIY! This only takes about 20 minutes of prep time, and you have a beautiful-smelling candle that will burn for hours!

If you've never made your own candles you'll be so surprised at how easy it is!

diy pottery barn mirror dupe


DIY Bauble Mirror Dupe

This Pottery Barn dupe is a great way to get this simple mirror for way less. This mirror retails typically for about $200, and this is an easy piece to recreate yourself at home. You don’t need that many supplies to do this, and you can find most of these items at any hardware and thrift store. With just three things and half an hour, you can easily make this DIY in less time than it takes you to go to the store and buy it!


west elm bench knock off

West Elm Bench Knock Off

This West Elm bench regularly retails for $699, but with this DIY, you can make this same bench for just $15! A lot of the materials for this DIY you probably have at home making this bench even cheaper! If you want to have that same elegant look for your patio or foyer, you can make this DIY cheaper.


As you can see, there are tons of great frugal swaps you can make to avoid the high cost of home decor! Armed with this knowledge, you can hopefully transform your home even on a tight budget.

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