Personalized Picnic Backpack with Cricut for the Perfect Fall Bucket List Afternoon

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Most people love fall! Probably because the change of seasons gives some relief from the sweltering heat of summer. Crisp fall days are just calling for an escape outdoors to soak up the beautiful weather before winter creeps in. If you are planning your perfect fall bucket list, add to that list a fall picnic. I've got everything you need to personalize a picnic backpack with Cricut to help you enjoy the perfect fall picnic!


Personalized Picnic Backpack with Cricut for the Perfect Fall Bucket List Afternoon


Several years ago, as an anniversary gift, my parents sent us this picnic backpack. It had basically everything you would need for a picnic for four, it just was lacking some personality. No problem! Insert Cricut here.

picnic backpack before

I mostly used my Cricut Joy {my favorite small buy mighty cutting tool} but did need to get out my larger Cricut Explore Air machine to cut a larger piece of vinyl for the blanket. I used vinyl {iron-on and regular vinyl, as well as a specialty vinyl on the glasses, but I'll get to that!}.

No worries. I had my trusted helper.

Who coincidently also took ownership of the picnic blanket!

cricut explore air

One of my favorite features of the Cricut is Cricut Access. If you don't have it, it will change your world. It makes creating so very easy. You can spend less time designing and more time creating! 

My favorite feature if I'm making coordinating pieces is to use the image sets feature. Many people don't know this exists, so let's walk through this together, shall we.

First up, find an image that you like. See the little i that's circled? Click on that and it will open up the option to view image sets. Once you open that up, you can see any related images {in this case, there are 33} that you can use for your project. It's literally that easy to find coordinating images to use!
cricut design space image sets
Once you find the images you want to use, resize them to fit the various different materials. I had a few wine glasses {sadly one broke!}, cloth napkins, a wine opener, salt & pepper shaker, a cutting board, and a knife. I also found an image I liked for the outside of the backpack as well.

I saved each component in my design space to make it easier to just cut everything all at once.

Side note, this is how I do laundry too. I will wash and dry three loads and then fold them all at the same time. 

before picnic supplies

Can I use Regular-Sized Materials with my Cricut Joy?

YES! This is the best thing ever! Well, the best thing ever is the fact that the Cricut Joy can cut 50+ materials from cardstock to vinyl without a cutting mat! This only works if you are using the Cricut Smart Materials though. 

resize cricut joy materials

As someone who HATES to waste anything {I'm talking to you small vinyl scrap!}, there are often times I don't want to buy another material just for my Cricut Joy. So instead, you can cut it down to size to fit on the Cricut Joy mat {I love my long 12" mat!}

I wanted to use this specialty vinyl for the glasses making them looked etched without the etching, and sadly the frosted vinyl isn't available in a Smart Material for the Cricut Joy, so I just made it work by cutting it smaller to fit on my mat.

tips for cricut joy

Some tips for using regular-sized materials with your Cricut Joy:

If you are using a small scrap, make sure you double-check on your design software before cutting that it's in the right location on your mat.

Your Cricut Joy will last forever, your mat will not. They often go on sale, so replace them from time to time!

In case you want to know how I really feel about the Cricut Joy, check out this post!

Using the Cricut EasyPress on Non-Traditional Materials


Most of the time, I'm using my Cricut EasyPress on non-traditional surfaces. 

Getting an EasyPress Mat is essential! I have the big 20x16 and it folds in half and it's super flat, so storage has never been an issue. I think it's essential because it makes for flawless iron-on transfers. It keeps out damaging heat and moisture too so you get the perfect transfer every time. Oh, and I don't have to take out my ironing board!

The EasyPress is perfect for traditional projects like iron-on to cotton shirts, but it also works on non-traditional materials. 

I used the EasyPress on a pop-up tent a few years ago!

Want to know why you need an EasyPress and not just an iron? Check out this post.

Most picnic backpacks will have a thermal layer in there. It will keep things cool for your picnic, but it will also give you a run for your money if you are trying to press iron-on using high heat. 

My best tip is to go slow and start low! 

The best part about using the Circut EasyPress is that you can easily adjust the time and the temperature.

easy press on backpack

Vinyl is great, but iron-on vinyl is pretty great too! And it sticks onto non-traditional surfaces like the wood handle of this charcuterie knife. I used some pressure on this one just to keep the knife in one place, but the heat will transfer the iron-on to your item, even if that item is a wood handle on a knife!

cricut easy press wood

Two Cricut Tools I Couldn't Live Without

I think I mention these two tools in every single Cricut post I do. {Feel free to fact check me!}

If you are cutting vinyl with any of your machines, you need to have these two tools at the very least! They are often on sale and as you can see, I have an OG version. These tools will basically last forever, so it's a one-time purchase. That is unless you misplace them!
cricut tools you need

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fall backpack cricut picnic

Tips for the Perfect Fall Picnic

  • Check the weather!
  • Pack the essentials {napkins, plates, glasses} or better yet, use your picnic backpack that has all that packed already! 
  • Tuck in a garbage bag so you can dispose of your trash.
  • Think of bringing easy finger foods like charcuterie, sandwiches or wraps
  • Keep it simple! Some foods just don't transport well.
  • A waterproof blanket to sit on is the key for fall!
fall picnic with cricut

Take advantage of the beautiful fall days, and add a picnic to your fall bucket list. Don't forget to personalize a picnic backpack to make life easier and way more fun! Enjoy!

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