What Can I Make with the Cricut EasyPress?

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One of my favorite things to make with my cutting machine is custom shirts. I'm a sorority girl at heart and if you don't have a shirt that says something happened, then did it really happen? One of my first projects after getting my cutting machine was making custom t-shirts for a yearly family Turkey Trot. We are entering the 9th year, and every year, I've designed and made a different t-shirt for friends and family that have wanted one. Every year, I use my iron to press each and every one of them and think, who needs a heat press when you've got an iron? Not me. 

That was until I started to notice that my heat transfer vinyl {HTV} wasn't sticking as well as it once had. Maybe I wasn't putting as much care and attention into pressing my iron or maybe the HTV was starting to change and wasn't sticking as well as personal cutting machines became more popular. Whatever the reason, I thought I could survive with just an iron, until I began to notice that every shirt I had made was starting to peel after just a few washes. I caved and got a Cricut EasyPress and I'm telling you, if you use iron on vinyl more than once a year {and that's probably all of you with a cutting machine like a Silhouette or Cricut}, then you need an EasyPress. So what can you make with a Cricut EasyPress and why do you need one? Read on my friends, I'll tell you why I'm completely sold on this new addition to my craft room!

Cricut EasyPress Review: 
Do You Need One if You Can Just Use an Iron?

do I need a heat press when I have an iron

The short answer is yes. You absolutely need a Cricut EasyPress. Just like the cutting machine has changed your crafting life, so will the Cricut EasyPress. It's an essential item that will help you create quality projects that you will be proud to wear, gift and share with others. 

What is the Cricut EasyPress?

If you want quick, consistent heat transfers that last, the Cricut EasyPress is what you need to tackle any iron on vinyl project. The EasyPress is a personal use heat press that is perfect for projects you want to make on a small scale. Simple controls and smart safety features make it easy to use so there isn't anything commercial and intimidating about it.

How is a Cricut EasyPress Different from an Iron?

There is an online interactive Cricut heat guide that will help you select the right temperature and time for the job. One year, I offered to add names to the back of my son's team soccer jerseys and my iron, like most irons, didn't have consistent heat across the surface. The polyester material burned in several places of the shirt while trying to get the letters to stick. The EasyPress has a heated plate from edge to edge that keeps consistent heat allowing you to make high-quality transfers at various temperatures for different project surfaces. 

Does the EasyPress Come in Different Sizes?

Yes! There is an EasyPress for every job. If I'm honest though, I'd suggest getting the larger sizes {9x9 or 12x10} so that you can use if for any job big or small. But if you are making a lot of smaller projects {like hats}, you might want to look into a smaller EasyPress. Not only are they less expensive, but they would also be more portable and versatile for what you need. 

What Can I Create with the Cricut EasyPress?

heat press projects

The possibilities are endless! If you use iron-on vinyl or heat transfer vinyl or the new Infusible Ink projects {which I'm dying to try!}, you can create with the Cricut Easy Press. 

The Cricut EasyPress can be used on all different kinds of surfaces, from canvas to wood to vinyl and polyester and of course, the old standard, cotton.

How do I use the Circut EasyPress?

Let me show you how I used the Cricut EasyPress to create a custom hat. 

heat press and personal cutting machine
I gathered my materials. You can find plain trucker hats at your local craft store or here. I used a cotton material and a plaid fleece material to layer. I had both leftover from past projects. 
You'll also need iron on vinyl

I found a pre-made design I loved from the Cricut Access shop. You guys, the Cricut Access shop gives you access to cut ready files galore! Everything from state files like the one I chose, to drawn and 3D images. I always find exactly what I'm looking for in the design shop.

cricut easy press

I measured how big I wanted my image and the cut file was already designed exactly as you see it here. All I had to do was size it. 

I cut the white cotton a little bigger and the plaid just a little bigger than that. I used Heat N Bond {wonder under} to make sure the plaid material and the white material were stuck together. I also used it on the back of the plaid material so I could finish it off and add this whole layered image to my hat.

I used my Cricut EasyPress to adhere to the Heat N bond as well. You can use it just like you would use your iron. I liked that I didn't need to lug out both, but that the EasyPress filled both needs. I then used the EasyPress to press on the HTV that said WAnder. 

**One thing I had to look up instructions on was if I needed to use a cover sheet on top of the cut vinyl {on the plastic} between the press. You do NOT. You can press directly on to your cut vinyl with the carrier sheet. In the past, my iron has burnt the plastic, so I've always placed a thin cotton piece on top of the vinyl between the iron. No more!

cricut easy press review

After the layers were complete, I used the corner of my EasyPress {I have the larger sized one, so I got creative, though I will be the first to admit that the EasyPress Mini would have been perfect for the job.} to make sure the whole thing got stuck to my hat.

state trucker hat diy

I loved the way the EasyPress sealed the cut HTV to the material. It was almost seamless. And this College sweatshirt I made has since been washed dozens of times and no peeling in sight!

cricut easy press and cutting machine

Can I Use the Cricut EasyPress on a Pop Up Tent?

After my soccer team jersey incident I was a little nervous when the cross country team asked me to iron-on vinyl to their team tent. I was afraid it was going to ruin this large tent that had just been purchased! But me doing it myself, instead of sending it to a printer, saved the team hundreds of dollars!

I tested a small area and went piece by piece on the tent since it was such a large area, but overall, it was a great press! I was again, surprised it worked so well and the temperature was consistent and low so it wouldn't burn my materials. So the answer is yes! No need to go to an expensive print shop for heat-sensitive items.

cricut machine and accessories

The team {and parents} are grateful to have a team name on their tent so now we can easily find it in the mass of other team tents at meets.

cricut easy press review

So what can you make with the Cricut EasyPress? Everything. Do you need one? You bet ya!

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