Top Ski Resorts to Visit in BC

I grew up in Indiana where the hills on a golf course were the highest point around. We had plenty of snow, but fresh snow was made for sledding. Growing up, I would occasionally see ski tags hanging like a prize off of the zipper of a ski coat but I never thought to seek out a ski trip. It wasn't until a few years after living in the greater Seattle area, that I took from sledding the hills adjacent to several ski resorts in our area, and decided to learn how to ski. My oldest son had learned from his grandpa one winter, and the invitation to join the in-laws on a ski trip to Whistler, BC, was accepted. I signed up for ski lessons {BC ski resorts have THE BEST ski lessons for all skill levels}, and I've been skiing every winter since.

If you were to ask our kids what their favorite winter activity was, they would all say, hands down skiing. This mama wants to give them what they want, so I've started researching the best ski resorts in British Columbia {BC} Canada. Here is everything you need to know about the top 8 ski resorts that are all driving distance from the greater Seattle area.
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Top Ski Resorts to Visit in British Columbia, Canada

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Why Ski in BC?

British Columbia has 10 mountain ranges pushing west from the Canadian Rockies and falling deep into the Pacific Ocean. Every winter, they are bathed in an abundance of snowfall and from November to April, provide the best quality of snow around. With 13 different destination resorts, you can find something for everyone from the beginner skier or snowboarder to the family-friendly experience or the thrilling heli-ski escape that will challenge your skills. You'll find the longest vertical runs in all of North America, so that, my friends, is why you need to make plans to ski in BC!
I'm focusing on 8 of those ski and snowboard resorts today and you'll find a quick glimpse into each one so you can start narrowing down your research and start hitting the slopes!
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Don't want to leave the US? Here are the 6 best US Ski Resorts for Families

1. Red Mountain Resort

Red Mountain located in Rossland, BC is all about big vertical runs, small crowds, deep powder, and diverse terrain. It has a new expansion opening in 2019 that will include a new chairlift with eight new runs. Sizewise it's one of the top 10 resorts in North America and often most underrated. You can find a new hostel resort here a two-minute walk from the chairlift.  Rooms are starting at $35 a night. Not to worry, they also have family suites and bunk rooms for 10! 
  • Lifts: 8 
  • Runs: 110
  • Average Snowfall: 25 feet
  • Longest Run: 4.3 miles

2. Revelstoke Mountain Resort

Located in the Rocky Mountains, the resort boasts North America's greatest vertical at 5,620 feet. If you like high alpine bowls, this resort is for you! But not to worry, there are plenty of runs for the first-timer and lots of great ways to get outdoors. 
  • Lifts: 6
  • Runs: 75
  • Average Snowfall: 34.4 feet
  • Longest Run: 9.4 miles

3. Big White Ski Resort

Big White is the perfect winter family getaway. With lots of runs and plenty of sunshine, mother nature gives this resort the finest of conditions. You'll find lots of ski in ski out accommodations and plenty of options for every budget. Keep your eyes peeled for information about Gourmet Ski Week.
  • Lifts: 16
  • Runs: 119
  • Average Snowfall: 25 feet
  • Longest Run: 4.5 miles
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4. Whistler Blackcomb

Whistler Blackcomb is named the number one ski resort in North America year after year. You can ski bowls, glaciers, and trails and there are plenty of the best apres-ski options. There are lots of unique winter opportunities too like the Headline Mountain Hideaway luxury experiences, where you can helicopter to an ice cave. Watch out for the new walking light tour called Vallea Lumina where kids of all ages can enjoy a story tour through an old-growth forest.
  • Lifts: 36
  • Runs: 200+
  • Average Snowfall: 38
  • Longest Run: 6.8 miles

5. Sun Peaks Resort

Sun Peaks is the second largest ski resort in Canada following Whistler Blackcomb. Three mountains surround the pedestrian village with plenty of ski in ski out accommodations. You'll find lots of winter activities from dog sledding to bungee trampoline and outdoor ice skating. Keep your eyes open for the Savour the Sun Mountain Wine Festival. 
  • Lifts: 13
  • Runs: 137
  • Average Snowfall: 20 feet
  • Longest Run: 5 miles
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Photo Courtesy of BC Collections

6. SilverStar Mountain Resort

This Okanagan Resort is a family favorite because of its variety of winter activities and affordable accommodations. Plus, you can't go wrong with the dry champagne powder snow and sunny skies. SilverStar is a huge mountain with four distinct faces, making it perfect for all ability levels. Keep your eyes open for the March Mountain Music Festival. You aren't going to want to miss it. 
  • Lifts: 11
  • Runs: 132
  • Average Snowfall: 23 feet
  • Longest Run: 5 miles

7. Whitewater Ski Resort

Want to take take a step back in time? Come to Whitewater Ski Resort. It's known for its short lift lines, deep powder, and friendly people. You won't find good cell coverage here, so if you really do want to get away from it all, this resort is for you! Keep your eyes peeled for the 12th Annual Kootenay Coldsmoke Festival, a favorite of backcountry skiers. This resort will take you back to your roots.
  • Lifts: 4
  • Runs: 82
  • Average Snowfall: 40 feet
  • Longest Run: 1.8 miles
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Photo Courtesy of BC Collections

8. Fernie Alpine Resort

Hot Tub Time Machine was filmed in Fernie more than a decade ago, and it hasn't changed a bit! This old classic ski town has plenty of powder and terrain to explore. The locals are what make this area great and you are sure to enjoy a unique experience in Fernie.
  • Lifts: 10
  • Runs: 142
  • Average Snowfall: 37 feet
  • Longest Run: 3 miles
British Columbia, Canada is hands down one of the best ski and snowboard destinations. The mountains are huge and each area is unique. Strap on those skis and come explore BC!

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