What to Do if Your Hotel has Bed Bugs

Never in a million years did I think I'd run into this problem, but we did. On night one of a three-week-long trip to Africa in a luxury hotel no less! We had our first encounter with bed bugs...that I know of. I guess I was just blissfully unaware for the whole of my life. Heck, even after squishing the pesky bug, we didn't even know that it was a bed bug until we used Google images to identify it solely out of curiosity. My body itched for days and now I'll never travel the same way again. Now that I know, here is what I'm doing differently. Here are some tips for traveling, signs to look for, and what to do if you do come across a bed bug infestation!

bed bugs in your hotel room, how to check and what to do if you find them


This is Everything You Need to Know About Working Out at Home From Someone Who Cut the Gym Membership 8 years Ago!

Have you ever kept a New Year's resolution? I've kept one that I can think of in my whole entire life and I know I've made far more than that! But I feel really good about the one that I kept, so I'm calling that long-term success! I was one of those people who flooded the gyms in January with a resolution to create new healthy habits. I had never really worked out before. I wasn't super athletic and I didn't do any sports outside of rec gymnastics for a handful of years at the Y when I was in elementary school. I was often last picked for any PE group and despite finishing in the top every year when I ran the mile for the presidential physical fitness challenge, no one really saw any athletic potential in me. So I just figured it wasn't important. Until I started getting older and I kept hearing how your body changes with age and I knew I needed to probably do something. So I joined a gym. Of course, I switched as soon as my free six-week trial was over and I tried another gym! But through it all, I remained consistent.

I gained confidence in what my body could do, and I genuinely felt better and stronger. I loved group fitness classes and I had a routine. That was until we moved. We didn't move far, but it didn't make sense to continue to drive out of my way for 25 minutes just to work out, so I switched gyms. The new gym was close to home, but it lacked those group fitness classes I really liked. I tried a multitude of things from specialty gym facilities to online programs, before I finally found something that worked for me; working out at home. I cut my gym membership eight years ago and I haven't looked back!

Here is everything you need to know about working out from home! I've got the good, the bad, and the ugly! Are you ready for it?

at home workout


Rediscovering Yourself-Wellness Tips for Empty Nesting Women

Becoming an empty nester is a significant life transition that brings many emotions. While it may feel bittersweet to see your children leave the nest, it also presents an opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth. If this is a transition that's not far off for you or if it's one you've found yourself in recently like I have, we'll explore various wellness tips and practices to help empty-nesting women navigate this new chapter with grace and find their identity beyond parenthood. I feel like once the kids moved out, I finally had no more excuses to not use the energy I used on their health and well-being and use it on my own. Here are some things I did that might help you too!

wellness tips for empty nesting women


How to Teach Budgeting to Teens in the Age of Consumerism

Admittedly, this is the most boring title for a post ever, but after raising three kids through junior high and high school, I'm telling you, this is something that will come up in parenting and it's best to have a plan. We are constantly bombarded with messages everyday tempting us to buy things we don't need. But we are adults. Teens are walking the halls of school or hanging out at sports events or scrolling social media and they are REALLY getting bombarded. They get messages that they can only be cool if they have this new pair of shoes {that cost $125}, or to look their best, they need the super special lip balm that costs $25 {and they will promptly lose it in under a week}. They see viral and trending videos with quick and easy ways to purchase BUT only for a limited time or it will run out and you will suddenly be the uncoolest uncool person in your whole school. 

As parents, how do we raise budget-minded kids in a world full of consumerism? I'm going to lay out a few practical tips that we did while we were raising our kids and hopefully, you'll get an idea or two so that you can help created budget-minded teens in a world full of consumerism.

teach teens budgeting in an age of consumerism


How to Score the Best Discounts After the Holidays

The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration and gift-giving and it feels like it goes by so quickly and then comes right back again just as fast! As the festivities start to wind down, savvy shoppers can take advantage of those after-holiday sales. While most think of taking advantage of holiday sales around Christmas, there are other holidays with seasonal items too, and these tips work for those as well, so think outside of the box! You can score some pretty incredible deals, get discounts and bargains that will allow you to save more and spend less. You might even be able to give more generously because you are able to get such a great deal! Whether you're a seasoned bargain hunter or new to the game, this guide will help equip you with the tips I've been using for decades so that you can navigate and make the most of those after-holiday sales.


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