The secret to keeping your New Year's Resolution

The secret to keeping your New Year's Resolution

Every January it's the same old thing. The gym that I frequent is always busy, the racks at the stores are full of workout gear and there are ads all over for weight loss this and diet secret that. 

I was one of those New Year's resolution makers that said I would start hitting the gym. I was 29...about to hit 30. I had three small kids at home and I was skinny but I wasn't fit. I had heard that your metabolism changes at 30. I had fears that my nightly bowl of ice cream and my dessert snacking were going to catch up with me, so I took advantage of one of those 3 weeks free gym trials and I started to work out. I switched gyms once I found out how much the fees were, but I did start a healthy habit that I have actually kept for eight years now.

But I must confess, I hate this time of year. I hate the people who show up at my gym and make me shift my normal routine. Faces I see for a few weeks before they drop off again. The workout clothes that get bought with good intentions, but that only get worn after February to run errands in.

Trust me. It's gotten harder and harder for me to sometimes find the time to fit workouts in, but I think I might have the secret for you so that you can keep your New Year's resolution to live a healthier lifestyle.

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I love my Fitbit. I bought it about a year ago and have worn it nearly every single day since.

I have friends who keep me accountable on my Fitbit app. They will cheer me on or invite me to challenges, and while that's super fun and helpful, that's not what keeps me moving to get my 10,000 steps in.

What does, is an app called Pact. I downloaded it for free and I linked it with my Fitbit. I promise you, I am not getting paid for this review. I just wanted to share the one thing that makes me stay motivated to get my 10,000 steps in. 

To use the Pact app, you make a "pact" to exercise, log your meals or eat fruits and vegetables for a certain amount of days. When you sign up, you also sign up to be charged $5-$10 for every day that you miss.  

My credit card is linked to my account, so if I miss one of my six days that I have made a pact for, $10 is deducted from my account.  If you hit your goal, you get paid anywhere from 30 cents to $5 from those members who had to pay up for not making their pact.

I'm cheap, so knowing that I could be charged $10 for missing my workout and not getting my steps in, encourages me to get out there. Sometimes that means that I walk outside in the rain, or that I take a few extra laps at the grocery store.

Currently, I only have a gym pact, because I can connect that with my Fitbit. You can also "check in" at your gym and it will log in your pact after 30 minutes, but I like having to get in my 10,000 steps because there is nothing I have to log or check in on. Once you set it up, you can forget about it!

When I travel or if I am sick, I am able to put a freeze on my pact or tweak it a bit to fit into my current lifestyle.  

I totally get that Pact isn't for everyone. My husband thinks it's some kind of crazy pyramid scheme. But it keeps me motivated. And since I have had the Pact app, I have been paid over $50! I use my Pact money and download it into my Starbucks account as a little treat.

You aren't going to get rich off of the app, and then challenge yourself. I have my pact set for six days a week because that's more of a challenge for me. Especially in the cold rainy wet months, but I like a challenge!

If you are motivated by money and don't want to see $10 get sucked out of your bank account for missing a day at the gym, give Pact a shot. It may be the secret weapon to keeping your resolution this year!

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