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Instant Pot Steel Cut Oatmeal Recipe

Everyone is talking about steel-cut oats right now and for good reason. Steel-cut oats have a healthier nuttier taste than regular rolled oats.  The oats are processed less than rolled oats, which means they will take longer to cook. But not if you make them in your instant pot! I've got the fool proof recipe for making instant pot steel-cut oatmeal perfect for a fiber-filled breakfast. The best part of oatmeal is that you can make it your own with so many delicious add ins! Come get the recipe!


5 Common Grilling Mistakes to Avoid on Your Charcoal BBQ

Summer is grilling season, and we all dust off the grill and get ready to fire it up to take advantage of those glorious warm days to have a backyard BBQ. Gas grills are certainly convenient but there is something that will never take the place of cooking over charcoal in my opinion. There really is more to a good backyard BBQ than just the ability to buy some steaks and light the grill. I'm sharing 5 common grilling mistakes people make when they cook on their charcoal BBQ's. Don't get caught making these mistakes!


Mediterranean Pasta Salad

I never tried any kind of Greek food until I was in my 30's, but now, I can't get enough! I haven't met a Greek salad I didn't love. I love the combination of the zesty, salty and spicy flavors all coming together. Just talking about it and my mouth is watering! So full of flavor. Which is why you can't go wrong with this Greek inspired Mediterranean Pasta Salad, especially during the warm summer months and into the crisp fall. All the ingredients are so fresh and most of them can be found in your garden or at your local farmers market. 

You really can't go wrong with this easy pasta salad with classic Mediterranean ingredients.


Five Ways To Find Volunteer Opportunities In Your Area

Giving back to your community can be a great way to spend a day, but sometimes it can be tricky to actually learn about the volunteer opportunities that exist - especially if you’re based in a rural area. However, with a little digging, you might be surprised to find just how many ways you can find to give back in your area. If you’re looking to donate your time and support a meaningful cause, here are five great ways to find volunteer opportunities in your area.


Top Things to Do on Kona, Hawaii with Teens

You planned your family vacation for the Big Island of Hawaii, now what? Traveling with teens can be tricky. Teenagers don't always want to hang out with their parents and sightseeing can feel like a bore, so how can you create a tropical vacation itinerary everyone will be happy with? I've visited the Big Island of Hawaii on two different occasions with kids aged 10-18 and I've come up with a list of top teen approved picks of things to do. Get ready to take some notes, I'm spilling all my secrets to the best {and least crowded} beaches to those excursions you are probably wondering about to see if they are really worth spending the big bucks on.

kona coast

How to Really Get Your Kids to Talk

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So your kid walks in the door after school and the first thing out of your mouth is "how was your day." It's instinctual.  My guess is the response you get is "fine." No long deep discussion and no clue as to what happened during those six plus hours that they were away from you. There are times when we all fall into the "I'm fine" trap for an answer, but there are days when we know our kids have a little bit more going on in their head than they are letting on. I've found some surefire ways to get kids to talk after school so that we can open up the lines of communication with them and get more than just a one word response when we ask them questions.


Slip on Collar Reversible Dog Bandanna Tutorial

I am just a little bit obsessed with my dogs. In case you didn't know, I have an adopted Golden Retriever named Sophie and a rescued Yorkie named Frankie. They have their own Instagram account {@sophieandfrankee}. You should follow it. Sophie, dare I say, is just a bit larger than her furry sister Frankie and she's got quite a bit more "fluff", so she doesn't need the same kind of wardrobe that Frankie has because she'd just be too darn hot in everything. But in an attempt to get them matching anything, I made them these slip on {or slip through} the dog collar reversible bandannas. They were super easy to sew and they have both been wearing them for more than a week and they are holding up nicely. You can tailor this easy sewing tutorial to fit any size dog. Come check it out! 
golden retriever dog with a bandana


Summer Slaw with Dill Weed Dressing

Are you looking for something more than just a cabbage salad masquerading as a coleslaw to take with you to your next picnic? Try this summer slaw with a refreshing dill weed dressing. It's a real crowd pleaser. You can even make a large batch of the dill weed dressing so you are stocked all summer long. 


Canvas Cactus Bag Tutorial with Tassels

There are some cities in our area that charge for bags now. I hate to pay for bags! I'll walk out with my arms overflowing dropping things behind me as I go just to avoid the 5 cents per bag they charge me. It's why I'm making more cute tote bags and leaving them in my car so that I can avoid the extra charge. I whipped up this cute cactus tote bag because who doesn't love a snarky cactus? I'm hoping people don't really try to give me a hug when I use this bag. I'm pretty sure I'm kind of prickly like a cactus if a stranger were to come in for a squeeze. The thing that makes this bag are the cute little embroidery floss tassels. Aren't they adorable? I'm showing you how you can make your own canvas cactus bag with tassels. It's sure to save you at least 5 cents. That is, if you remember to bring it into the store with you!
western backdrop scene

western scene with cactus for photo backdrop


Create the Perfect Summer Snack Cart

During the summer my teenagers eat like they did when they were newborns. You know, every two hours. It's a constant struggle to keep the refrigerator and the pantry stocked with enough food. But I don't want them grabbing just anything, and I don't want to hover and monitor what they are putting in their mouths every second either. The goal is to launch them into this world in just a few short years for goodness sake! It's my job as a mama to steer them in the right direction making good food choices, so I came up with a solution that works for all of us. I set up a summer snack cart. I kind of learned this little trick several years ago when my kids were much younger and coming home from elementary school starving. I would have a prepared fruit or veggie platter out for them when they walked in the door and it was like a magnet. The same is true of this summer snack cart. I've filled it with healthy snacks that will keep them energized and fueled up for their active summer lifestyles and the snacks are things I feel good about them grabbing throughout the whole day. Come check out how I put together the perfect summer snack cart.

summer snacking for kids


Traveling to Hawaii with Teens

One of the best gifts you can give your children is the gift of travel. I love being able to be right beside my kids as I expose them to new experiences and watch the wonder as they are exposed to the beauty of this world. It can be more challenging to find vacations that the whole family will enjoy as your children get older. Sometimes it feels nearly impossible when you have teenagers! A vacation to Hawaii is sure to get everyone in the family excited, even your teens! Hawaii offers plenty of opportunities to try new things, be adventurous, and explore the tropical beauty of paradise. The Big Island of Hawaii has a little bit of everything from waterfalls to active volcanoes to underwater adventures and it's sure to have something for everyone.
hilton waikoloa village resort
hilton waikoloa village resort

10 Summer Activities for Teens

The summer activity planning was easy when the kids were younger, but now that they are all teenagers, spending time together and making summer plans can be a little more difficult. It's hard to find something everyone can enjoy together while still balancing "chill" time and making memories. I've got some ideas of things you can do this summer with your kids that everyone will enjoy and it will leave you with just the right balance of relaxation and exploration.


7 of the Best Disney World Experiences for Teens

Disney World is fun for all ages, even teenagers! If you have a teenager going to Disney World soon, you will find that some of the experiences are better suited for them than others. Look below at 7 of the Best Disney World Experiences for Teens, and see which rides and experiences you should be sure to add to your agenda! You're going to want to put these 7 at the top of your list!

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