DIY Coffee Sugar Scrub

I'm a big fan of homemade bath and shower scrubs. I love using items that I have in my pantry to create things that are good and all natural for my body. I'm sharing this DIY coffee sugar scrub that you can make for yourself or give as a gift {Mother's Day is coming!}
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Mother's Day Card to Print, cut and Color

Mother's Day is just around the corner and I have a fun {free} printable to share with you. Adult coloring is all the rage right now. If you haven't jumped on the bandwagon, you totally should! This fun card can be printed and colored by a little one {or a big one} to give to someone, or you can print out a whole stack full, tie a ribbon around and give it as a gift card set. It's fun and I know you have someone in mind who would love to receive this!

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Tips for Visiting Las Vegas if you DON'T Drink or Gamble

I feel like I am the last person in the world to visit Las Vegas, Nevada. To be honest, I didn't really see the appeal. I'm not a big drinker or a gambler and while I like shows, I'm just as happy to check out the shows that come to me locally versus traveling somewhere to catch one. When a trip I had planned got canceled at the last minute, and my kids were already booked on their own adventure, my husband and I were left without kids for a week. I am a sun seeker so we immediately started looking for a plan B. Spring travel can be expensive with many schools and families traveling for spring break, so many options were just too pricey to consider. However, if we wanted to spend some time in the sun, Vegas was a great option that wasn't too expensive or difficult to get to. We spent some time asking ourselves if we really could have fun as a couple in Vegas if we didn't drink and gamble. The answer is yes! If you think drinking and gambling is all that Vegas has to offer, you might be missing out on some great adventure. I'm sharing some ways you can have fun in Sin City, without selling your soul.

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DIY Aged TerraCotta Pots

I love a good deal almost as much as I love a good before and after. It's even better when both come together and create a project I've been drooling over in the stores but haven't necessarily been able to pull the trigger to buy. There is far more satisfaction in creating something rather than purchasing a completed piece, and if I can do it on a budget, then it's a major bonus! I love the current farmhouse style trend and love being able to bring some living greenery inside and this project mixes both of those with an updated thrift store find. 

I do a lot of thrift store and garage sale shopping and while it's sometimes hard to get creative and see past the current state of an item, it's possible. I usually have to remind myself multiple times to look at the bones of something and get past the current color. In fact, color is one of the easiest things to change. I have a huge stash of spray paint in many different colors because it's such a quick transformation for so many items.

I found this hot pink wooden tray at my local second hand store. It looked like it had a bad spray paint job, but overall, it was an interesting shape and I knew I could look past the color since I could easily change it with some spray paint.

I love the look of an aged terracotta pot but not necessarily the price tag or the time it would take to create one, so I found a way to create my own DIY aged terracotta and I found that four pots would fit perfectly into my newly spray painted tray. 


Weeknight Dinner Ideas plus Create Link Inspire Party

Welcome to another week of the create, link, inspire link party. I hope you find inspiration here every week and that you check back often for ideas. I'm always impressed with what gets linked up and I always add a handful of crafts, DIY's and recipes to my to do list.  

This week I'm sharing my favorite weeknight dinner ideas. I'm always struggling with new ideas of things to make for dinner. We are totally in a rut right now and if you are like me, you could use some new meals to put in the dinner rotation.


The Ultimate Garage Sale Handbook

I recently read a question that asked "if you had to give an hour long presentation on one topic with no preparation, what would you give it on?" I thought this was an interesting question and the first thought that popped into my mind was, hands down, I would talk about garage sale shopping. To be able to speak on a topic with no preparation requires you to be very knowledgeable on that topic. Some might say that it would require you to be an expert on that topic. 

I don't know the exact age that I started garage sale shopping, but I know that I have more than 35 years worth of experience shopping sales. Through the years, I've taken friends who had never bought anything used before under my wing and showed them how they could save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars by buying used items at garage sales. 

Every summer for decades, I have spent nearly every weekend going to garage sales. Garage sale season is starting and I want you to be prepared to get started saving money by shopping used. I've put together all my best tips and tricks so that you can get started saving money as soon as the garage sales in your area start. 

How to Arrange Grocery Store Flowers to look like Flower Shop Flowers

I love fresh flowers. I love the color that they bring to the house, and I love that it's not another thing that I have the responsibility of keeping alive. Last summer, I offered up some tips on how to keep your fresh flowers lasting weeks, but today, I want to show you how you can arrange your fresh flowers from the grocery store so that they don't look like you got them from the grocery store. I struggled with this for years. I would buy flowers from the store and they looked so nice scrunched together in their plastic, but once I put them in a vase, it was another story. I finally think I figured out the trick and I'm sharing it with you.


Find out how you can arrange grocery store flowers and make them look like they came from the flower shop.

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What to Buy at Magnolia Market (And One I Won't Buy Again)

If you are a fan of the HGTV hit show Fixer Upper, you probably have a visit to Magnolia Market on your bucket list. I've been a few times and people always ask me what it's really like. I already shared with you if I think Magnolia Market is worth a special visit {you might be surprised at my answer}, but if I could only use three words, I would say that visiting is an experience. Magnolia Market is more than just The Silo's, and a visit to Waco is more than just a stop at a shop, that said, if you are thinking of dropping into the Market, I have a few "must buy" items {and I'm sharing one I won't buy again} at Magnolia Market. If you've been before, I would love to hear what you would add as well. I'm always looking for items to add to my list when I am in town.

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Last Minute Easter Ideas Plus Create Link and Inspire Party

Welcome to another week of the create, link, inspire link party. I hope you find inspiration here every week and that you check back often for ideas. I'm always impressed with what gets linked up and I always add a handful of crafts, DIY's and recipes to my to do list.  

With Easter right around the corner, I took my favorite Easter ideas from last week's party and put them together so that you can be ready for that last minute creating from decorating, to recipes or a great DIY project you can tackle, you will find everything you need to get ready to celebrate on Sunday.


Immune Boosting Smoothie Recipe

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It seems like this time of the year someone around me is always sick. I don't have a lot of time to slow down so I try to stay as healthy as possible. The stronger your immune system, the less likely you are to get sick and the faster you can recover if you do. You can actually drink your way to a stronger immune system and today, I am sharing one way that you can do that.  By incorporating fresh produce into your diet and adding a boost, you'll not only get some great nutritional benefits, you will also be able to fight off any cold or flu germs that come your way.

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Easter Jelly Bean Surprise

Who doesn't love to plant something and watch it grow? What if you planted magic jelly beans and they "grew" into lollipops? It would be such a fun Easter surprise for your little ones and all the supplies are easy to find and will take just a few minutes to get your surprise ready. 

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Getting Your Yard Ready for Spring

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This is a sponsored post written by my on behalf of Roundup® for lawns. All opinions are 100% my own.

If I tell people that I live in Seattle, the first thing I usually hear is, "oh, it rains a lot there, right?" It does, but you may be surprised to know that it actually rains more in Miami, Florida than it does in Seattle, Washington. Don't get me wrong, Seattle earns its rainy reputation, but only because we have many days of rainfall. Other locations get more rain, just over less days. But it's not really the rain that bothers me about our weather, it's the dark dreary days full of what seems like never-ending gloom. This year it's worse than normal and local weather stations are starting to take note. Since October, we've only had nine official sunny days. I'm pretty much over it and to say that I'm ready for spring would be an understatement. Because our doom and gloom weather is such a huge chunk of the year, I soak up as much time outside as I can when it's not pouring liquid sunshine on me. I'm constantly reminded of what a beautiful place we live in when the clouds lift and the sun comes out and I want to enjoy it when I can. Perhaps I end up appreciating it more once I come out of my hibernation. Spring is coming!  I'm sharing some tips on how you can start getting your yard ready for spring so that you can enjoy being outside and start using your yard as an extension of your home.


Spring Garden Projects and Create Link Inspire Party

Welcome to another week of the create, link, inspire link party. I hope you find inspiration here every week and that you check back often for ideas. I'm always impressed with what gets linked up and I always add a handful of crafts, DIY's and recipes to my to do list.  

This week, I'm so ready for spring and have been thinking about gardening and being outside. I collected some of my favorite spring garden projects for you.  You can find everything from DIY garden bench ideas to planters and how to create a self-watering system so you don't kill everything once the sun comes back!

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