How to Arrange Grocery Store Flowers to look like Flower Shop Flowers

I love fresh flowers. I love the color that they bring to the house, and I love that it's not another thing that I have the responsibility of keeping alive. Last summer, I offered up some tips on how to keep your fresh flowers lasting weeks, but today, I want to show you how you can arrange your fresh flowers from the grocery store so that they don't look like you got them from the grocery store. I struggled with this for years. I would buy flowers from the store and they looked so nice scrunched together in their plastic, but once I put them in a vase, it was another story. I finally think I figured out the trick and I'm sharing it with you.


Find out how you can arrange grocery store flowers and make them look like they came from the flower shop.

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How to Arrange Grocery Store Flowers

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I've done it many times. I bought the cheap bouquet from the grocery store, brought it home and plopped it into a vase. Sometimes I thought I was doing really good when I would clip the stems before I put them in water. Every time though, they just looked off. It's hard to believe that this bouquet of flowers on the left is the same bouquet as the one on the right. I just took the time to arrange them and I'm going to show you my tricks.
Start by separating and spreading all of your bouquet flowers and greenery out. 
Start with the greenery. There are usually a few different pieces of greenery in a bouquet. You want to pull out the larger pieces and those will become the backdrop for your flowers. Trim it and take off the leaves that will be covered with water.

Next, grab your biggest flowers.  Look at your vase as having compartments. Make sure they don't all sit in the same space. I had three large white flowers and those were positioned on the left, middle and right. Cut them down to the size you think looks best.

I found a few medium size flowers and I added those next. I kept them a little taller than the large flowers and arranged one on each side.

A bouquet usually comes with filler flowers. The kind of flowers that have several blooms on each stem. These were my filler flowers and I used them to fill in the empty spaces around my bouquet. Finally, you are left with some of your smaller greenery. I had a few eucalyptus stems in there too. I trimmed them down and added them around in my quadrants {that side, middle, side mentality}.

I finished it off by adding the final greenery. Nothing is permanent, so feel free to step back and move things around or cut things shorter. Looking at this picture now, I want to cut that white flower that is front and center about an inch shorter. 

I promise you, no matter what you do, it's going to be better than just taking the flowers out of the plastic from the store and dropping them in the vase.  It's really easy. Give it a shot. Tag me on social media using @msrachelteodoro so I can see your beautiful grocery store bouquets.

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