Easy Tips for Saving More Money

Do you ever feel like despite your best efforts it can feel like your bills just keep going up? Life gets in the way, you need new tires for the car and before you know it, you’re back at another drive thru. The truth is, that you don’t have to have all your ducks in a row to start saving money. Here are a few easy tips for saving money that go a long way, but require very little effort.

money saving tips


How to Plan a Cheap Staycation That Feels Expensive

Have you ever found yourself desperately in need of a vacation, but you can’t actually travel? Our family loves traveling and exploring the world as a family. But sometimes, traveling away from home just isn’t in your budgeting cards. If it feels like everyone is headed out of town, but you can't leave your backyard, I've got some tips so that you can help plan a cheap staycation that feels expensive and can give you that break that you need!

planning a cheap staycation that feels expensive


Top Beach Reads and Tips For Picking a Great Beach Read Book

During the summer months, I spend a lot of time on the beach. Having the perfect book to read while soaking up the sun is a must for me, and having a great beach read is essential in every beach bag I pack. After all, why waste your time in the sun with a boring book? Because people know I'm a reader, I often get asked about my top picks for books. It' beach read season and these are my top beach reads I'd recommend!

top beach reads and how to find the best beach book


25 Things We've Learned in 25 Years of Marriage

Today is our 25th wedding anniversary. It's funny, because only old people are celebrating their silver anniversary and we are still young kids just learning how to adult. At least that's what it feels like! We married young {I was 19, he was 20} and we immediately started our family {ahem...I was 26 weeks pregnant when we walked down the aisle}. We were the first of our friends to get married and we've seen our fair share of couple friends get divorced. We've had a lot of good years and some bad years in there, but overall, I think at 25 years we have a few things we've learned that we can share to those coming up behind.


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