Easy Tips for Saving More Money

Do you ever feel like despite your best efforts it can feel like your bills just keep going up? Life gets in the way, you need new tires for the car and before you know it, you’re back at another drive thru. The truth is, that you don’t have to have all your ducks in a row to start saving money. Here are a few easy tips for saving money that go a long way, but require very little effort.

money saving tips

Easy Tips for Saving More Money!

easy tips for money saving

Buy Produce in Season

Seasonal produce is not just a better price, but it tastes better too! Buying in season produce is one of the easiest ways to save money and can help you enjoy produce more by eating what’s in season. You can buy seasonal produce at a fraction of the price and then freeze or prep it for long term storage to use throughout the year.

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Use Grocery Store Apps

Whether it’s to check the weekly ad, schedule a pickup, or to clip digital coupons, you are missing out if you’re not downloading the apps for the grocery stores you are visiting! Many apps offer rewards programs and track your favorite items offering extra savings on the things your buy often!

The Walmart app can help you not only make sure you’re getting the lowest price, but help you see how much of an item is left in stock. You can also use your local grocery store app to check on sale items and use the sales to meal plan around. 

Even if you don’t use these apps to clip coupons or shop for groceries, they can help you find what you need faster and keep track of what you wanted to buy in the store.

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Make Your Own Cleaners

Making your own cleaners at home is more affordable than you might think. With vinegar, essential oils, and a few other basic staples. Making your own cleaning supplies will cost even less than buying generic and they will work just as well if not better than what you’ve been buying.

I've made my own cleaners for decades. Here are a few things you should know!

easy money saving tips

Use Less

Cutting back on how much you use can have a shocking impact on everything from how long your things last to how much money you save! Cutting back on the amount of washing liquid you use can help add time to the length of your laundry soap, and your clothes won’t be any less washed.

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Put one thing back

An easy tip to use while you’re out shopping for groceries or just browsing a store for a leisurely shopping trip is to put one thing back before you leave. Perhaps it’s the candy bar you snuck in while waiting in line or that pair of shoes you could justify later. This will also help cut down on impulse purchases and help you stay under budget at any store you’re visiting.

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save more money with these easy tips

Ask for discounts

How many times have you missed happy hour discounts on appetizers, kids eat free opportunities, or a discount or upgrade on a hotel room because you didn’t ask? Before you accept that this is the final price you will pay, ask if there are any discounts you could use or apply to your order. This could be a simple search on your phone for a coupon, or a code using an app like Honey.

My motto: What's the worst thing they can say? No? And really, that's not that bad now is it?

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No matter what financial situation you’re in, hopefully these tips will help you shave even a little off your monthly expenses.

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