10 Habits of Lazy Women Who Always Have Clean Homes

We all have that one friend in our lives. They make cleaning their home look so attainable yet they are so lazy! It might feel like these women never leave the couch from their Netflix show, yet their homes are spotless! You don’t have to be a professional cleaner to have a clean home, in fact, here are habits of lazy women who always have clean homes that you can do yourself! 



The Complete Guide to Visiting Dollywood

Dollywood is famous for having more stages and live entertainment than any other theme park in the United States. As you might expect from a park-themed after the country music icon, Dolly Parton, this park has a big personality just like its namesake. With plenty of live music, lavish stage shows, and epic coasters the park highlights the beauty of the Smoky Mountains. This guide to Dollywood will help you to make the most of your time at this charming Tennessee theme park.



Introducing the Cricut EasyPress 3 and the Cricut Hat Press: An Honest Review

Are you ready to take your crafting and creating to the next level? Cricut has done it again with two new user-friendly products I want to introduce to you today. I had the opportunity to get both the Cricut Hat Press and the Cricut EasyPress 3 before the launch so that I could give them a try with the new Cricut Heat App and let you know what I thought. Know what I thought? It was amazing.

Seriously. I'm not going to lie, I was slow to join cult Cricut. I was team Silhouette all the way. Back in the day, Cricut just wasn't keeping up with the technology {cutting cartridges anyone?}, and Silhouette had the far superior product. Every time I sat down with my Silhouette to do something it was a process. If you've been around long enough you'll remember these very basic birthday invitations from 2012 that took me a whole week to make! I've spent hours designing and printing and cutting, throwing away expensive materials and hours of my time. That is until I had the opportunity to try Cricut back in 2019 and I've been singing a different song ever since.

Know the short answer of what I say when people ask me what I think of Cricut? I say I think they are the most user-friendly product that will allow you to craft and create just about anything you could imagine. And you know what, these new Cricut products are just adding to the family of user-friendly products that will help you take your crafting to the next level. I know you are going to want to see what's possible so read on!

cricut hat press and cricut easypress 3 do you really need one


Top 10 Reasons to Rent Clothing

My sisters were much older than I was, so imagine the fun I had in college when I joined a sorority and had access to all of my "sisters" clothing. One of our favorite clothing items we all seemed to share were these black flared pants we called our party pants. Those pants got worn by someone anytime we were going out! Several years ago, I traveled with one of the world's largest NGO's World Vision to Bangladesh where I got a glimpse into sweatshops and child labor. While I've always been into sustainable fashion {buying second-hand clothing has always been my favorite way to shop!}, I recently was introduced to clothing rental. We all know about Rent the Runway, but maybe you haven't heard about the clothing rental membership service Armoire that's minority woman-owned in Seattle and fits your everyday needs and style. I've got a few reasons why renting clothing and joining a personalized clothing rental service makes sense. Check it out!



Guide To Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The Great Smoky Mountains are one of the most visited and beloved National Parks in the United States. Jagged mountain peaks and lush forests give way to tumbling waterfalls in this park that is brimming with adventure with plenty to explore. The park is spread across Tennessee and North Carolina and encompasses over 500,000 protected acres. This guide to Great Smoky Mountains National Park will help you to plan your perfect mountain adventure!

great smoky mountains national park

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