Top 10 Reasons to Rent Clothing

My sisters were much older than I was, so imagine the fun I had in college when I joined a sorority and had access to all of my "sisters" clothing. One of our favorite clothing items we all seemed to share were these black flared pants we called our party pants. Those pants got worn by someone anytime we were going out! Several years ago, I traveled with one of the world's largest NGO's World Vision to Bangladesh where I got a glimpse into sweatshops and child labor. While I've always been into sustainable fashion {buying second-hand clothing has always been my favorite way to shop!}, I recently was introduced to clothing rental. We all know about Rent the Runway, but maybe you haven't heard about the clothing rental membership service Armoire that's minority woman-owned in Seattle and fits your everyday needs and style. I've got a few reasons why renting clothing and joining a personalized clothing rental service makes sense. Check it out!


Top 10 Reasons to Rent Clothing

top reasons to rent clothing

1. Renting Clothing Saves Time

Shopping for clothing takes time! And it can be frustrating. If you are like me, you like to go into a store and feel and see clothing, but the past few years have changed how I shop. {I know, I know, I was a late adopter of online shopping!} There are far fewer options in stores, and fitting rooms are rarely open. I started buying more and more clothing online, but am I the only one that gets sucked into the abyss of options? It's a real time-waster.

Armoire has more than 75,000 cute, trendy and unique items to rent and it's as easy as taking a 3-minute style quiz. Once that's completed, you'll get a curated style profile to help narrow down your search. If you want to take advantage of letting someone else do the heavy lifting, expert personal stylists are complimentary with your membership.

2. Renting Clothing Saves Money

How many items do you have hanging in your closet with the tags still on them? Or maybe you splurged on a special outfit for an event and you've only worn it once. Or you impulse-bought something trendy you were sure you'd wear but then it just didn't feel right? 

We've all done it. Renting clothing will save you money in the long run and what I love about it, is that I can start and stop my Armoire membership at any time and everything from previous rentals to my style profile and favorites is stored when I log back in again.

And let's not talk about cleaning fees! I recently brought a dress to the dry cleaners and I was SHOCKED at how expensive it was. All of the clothing you rent comes professionally cleaned and ready to wear. They take care of the cleaning on both ends!

3. Renting Clothing is Ethical

For me, personally, after meeting children who were working in sweatshops in Bangladesh, I changed how I looked at fashion. Buying a whole new wardrobe of ethically-sourced clothing would have been expensive, but I could "try out" sustainable clothing brands through Armoire and decide which brands I wanted to invest in. 

I won't step foot into big box stores I know are the worst culprits of using sweatshop labor. I appreciate that Armoire elevates local woman-owned brands and seeks out brands that are providing fair wages across the globe.

Want to read about my life-changing time in Bangladesh?

4. Renting Clothing is Sustainable

Renting clothing is 82% more carbon-efficient than creating new clothing. For each package you rent, it's like planting three trees. Making cheap clothing is super expensive. Our planet just won't be able to keep up with fast fashion and you can be a part of the solution by pumping the brakes a bit.

Again, Armoire is sourcing clothing that is sustainably made, and sustainable clothing is obviously more expensive which brings us back to reason number two.

rent clothing armoire style

5. Renting Clothing Saves Space

You can rent an item, wear it as many times as you want and then return it. It's really as easy as that. You can save coveted closet space for other items, but renting clothing allows you to be more organized and maybe wear pieces in your personal wardrobe you otherwise wouldn't have worn. You know, the skirt you never were able to find the right top for or the shirt with the perfect pants.

I do love all the space my custom closet has though!

6. Renting Clothing Means You'll Always Have Something to Wear

Do you remember back to school shopping when you were a kid? I was always so excited to save a few of those special new BTS items for special days. When you rent clothing, you'll always have something to wear, even for special events and occasions.

And not to mention, there's a swagger that comes with wearing something new to you. You know it right? You'll be sashaying down the street like you're on some runway in Paris.

7. Renting Clothing Lets You Find Your Style

It feels really low risk to try out a clothing item when you are renting that you might not drop cash on at the store, just to see what you think about a style. You'll get lots of different varieties and renting clothing may push you out of your daily athleisure habit. Maybe.

With Armoire, you can re-rent an item you loved and you can even buy an item you love at a discounted rate.

8. Renting Clothing Lets You Try Designer Brands

Wearing designer clothing hasn't really been important to me since the early days of junior high when I wanted those Guess jeans and Esprit sweatshirts. But there is something special about a well-made designer brand. Designer clothing often feels and fits better. I'd rarely buy designer brands on my own dime, but renting them allows you to enjoy them at a fraction of the cost.

9. Rent Clothing for a "Season"

When I say season, I mean a season of life. For instance, instead of trying to piece together an out-of-season wardrobe for a vacation, you can rent a capsule wardrobe to take with you. 

Maternity fashion is usually short-lived, and between pregnancies, you may not want to hold on to items, so you can rent clothes.

Our oldest son got married last year, and I found myself needing special occasion outfits for showers, lunches, and events and renting clothing can help offset those costs and help you find that perfect outfit for the occasion.

Want more tips on where to shop for mother of the bride or mother of the groom dresses?

10. Renting Clothing is Easy

I can only speak to my experience renting from Armoire, but it was so easy! I would select items in my case and they would show up on my doorstep usually within 48 hours. I do realize this is because it's a local Seattle company and they didn't have to go far, but from reviews I've read, there are some companies who just can't seem to get the ease of shipping buttoned up. Armoire clients receive quick shipping even when they don't live in the same state!

You can also favorite items for easy selection for your next case. The review also make it easy for you to decide what size to rent. Real people are wearing these clothing items and while your measurements are in the system, it's also helpful to read what other people think about the quality or construction of an item. I found most reviews to be spot on.



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Let me know what you think!

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