Exploring the Hidden Gem: Theodore Roosevelt National Park

I recently took a cross country road trip with my youngest son to get him settled into his new home in Grand Forks, North Dakota where he is studying commercial aviation. When I was chatting with friends about our trip, I had at least a handful of people tell me that we needed to make it a point to stop at Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Had we not had the National Park game, I would not have even known there was a national park in North Dakota, let alone one named after a president {the only one!}. I think the general consensus of those who told me about the park was that they didn't have high {or any} expectations and then they got there and they were blown away! After taking a detour to Teddy Roosevelt National Park, I'd have to agree. This is THE most underrated National Park that literally no one seems to know about! I've never had so many wild animal encounters at a National Park, seen such diverse and rugged landscape and in the end felt like I stumbled on a true hidden gem! You are going to want to read this and then book a trip immediately before the secret gets out!



DIY Projects You Can Tackle Yourself

Whether you’ve just purchased a new home or your home of 10+ years could use some sprucing up, it can be overwhelming sometimes. If the list of house projects is starting to give you anxiety, this is your opportunity to tackle some DIY projects, even if you feel like the least handy person around the home. You don’t need someone to paint your walls or tile a backsplash! With patience and a little time, you can tackle all of these yourself! Making practical and stylish additions to your home can feel intimidating. But these DIY projects are simple enough that you can tackle them yourself!

diy projects you can do yourself


Sending Your Child Out of State to College: A Comprehensive Guide from a Mom Who's Done it 3 Times!

Sending your child off to college is a huge milestone in not only the parents life but in their life as well. That toddler who wouldn't let go of you leg and screamed bloody murder when you left them with a sitter, now wants to go to college in a whole different state. It's a lot! As a mom of three, each of my kids chose a school out of state for various reasons. I've learned a few things through the years and have a few tips to offer parents who find themselves trying to help their students navigate their next decisions. With careful planning and consideration, this transition can be a good and rewarding experience for both you and your child. In this blog post, I'll discuss important factors to consider before your child chooses a college out of state and offer practical tips on packing and preparing for their departure and how to stay connected with your kids, even when they are hundreds or thousands of miles away.

sending child out of state to college parents guide


Fall Finds for a Cozy Home: Transition Between Summer and Fall

Fall is a great time to really start to focus on home. There's a cozy factor I think people fall in love with as the weather starts to turn and there is a real desire to take advantage of the cooler weather to feather your nest so to speak and get ready to enjoy being inside those four walls you've created. I know I always put off a lot of home projects during the spring and summer because I would rather opt to be outside, but this time of year always has me turning my focus back on home inside my walls. Here are some of my favorite fall finds.

cozy home finds for fall

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