Fall Finds for a Cozy Home: Transition Between Summer and Fall

Fall is a great time to really start to focus on home. There's a cozy factor I think people fall in love with as the weather starts to turn and there is a real desire to take advantage of the cooler weather to feather your nest so to speak and get ready to enjoy being inside those four walls you've created. I know I always put off a lot of home projects during the spring and summer because I would rather opt to be outside, but this time of year always has me turning my focus back on home inside my walls. Here are some of my favorite fall finds.

cozy home finds for fall

Fall Finds for a Cozy Home 


1. Cozy Lounge Set

I work from home, so I can be cozy in sweats nearly every day. But then sometimes I do need to pop out for errands, and I want to look like I didn't totally give up. I'm obsessed with this two piece set because I can interchange the pieces with other items in my wardrobe, giving me more wardrobe options. I'm always cold, so it's nice to have a warm sweater and pants option and if I need to head out, I can slip on some shoes and I don't look like I left the house in my pjs!

2. Cozy Sweatshirt

I basically live in sweatshirts during the fall and winter months and I like to invest in one that I will wear often. This one is a great look alike for a Lululemon sweatshirt that would cost three times as much! 

3. Flare Yoga Pants

I'm not sad at all that flare yoga pants are back in style again. Full disclosure, I never got rid of any of my flare pants and I have no regrets. I think flare anything tends to fit me better, so I'm glad I held on to them. If you need a good flare yoga pant that's not too expensive, these fit the bill!

4. Wool Socks

You will rarely find me without socks on my feet because I get so darn cold when my pigs are out! The older I get, the more I'm appreciating merino wool. Not only does it last forever, it holds up well. I've also found that merino wool works great to regulate temperature too. It's not too hot and not too cold. And don't worry, just because it says wool, it doesn't mean it's scratchy! 

5. Cozy Slippers

These slippers are the coziest! They are the softest thing you will feel because they are shearling, which normally costs at least twice what these do! I like slippers with a hard bottom because then I can wear them outside if I need to quickly grab a dog that's escaped or wheel a trash can out on trash day. You will have no regrets this fall in these cozy slippers

6. Cozy Games

We love board games in our family. It's a great way for all of us to connect. And now with older kids who don't live at home, it's a fun activity for all of us to do at the same time. This game is one we played a few months ago with friends and it's on my list for upcoming holidays with the fam. 

You can check this list for our top family favorites. 

7. Cozy Puzzles

Nothing says cozy to me, like having the fireplace roaring and doing a puzzle. We have always done puzzles but we've done a LOT more in the past few years. I think everyone has a sweet spot on the number of pieces they like {ours is 300-you can do it in a night} and a brand they love. Not all puzzles are made equally. Our library actually has a puzzle swap, so check yours. But every so often it's nice to buy a new puzzle to treat yo self!

8. Cozy Blanket

We have this blanket and we call it the snuggle blanket. It's the softest thing we own and anytime we use it the dogs want to snuggle up close. It's washable too, which makes it perfect!

9. Cozy Bath Caddy

I love baths. Especially when I'm so cold and can't seem to get warm. I fill my tub full of really warm water and get ready for a good long soak. The real game changer is when we made this bath tray a few years ago. I use it to hold plants when I'm not taking a bath, and to hold my laptop and all my goodies when I am. If you don't want to make one, you can buy this one instead!

bath spa shelf diy

10. Cozy Candles

We can all agree that a good candle creates the best ambiance. But not everyone in my family likes the smell of candles. So I can only burn them during the day and that's just not the same. There's something about that warm glow on a dark night. So I bought these battery powered candles. My favorite part is that they have a timer on them so they go on and off every night for whatever amount of time you want to set it for. They also flicker, so you get that feeling like it's a real candle. 

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It doesn't take much to turn up the cozy. Hopefully you found something to help you bridge that gap between summer and fall and get you ready to snuggle down and enjoy your home. 

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