The Best Vodka Cocktail Recipes for Summer

Preparing cocktails for summertime events can be a lot of fun. Be creative and impress friends and family with some new mouth-watering vodka creations. Vodka is one of the most mixable liquor in your bar. It's easy to find a vodka recipe for every drinker or for every occasion. Finding that perfect refreshing drink for your next summer get-together is easy. Here are a few of the best vodka cocktails out there!

vodka drink recipes


How to Make Family Travel Fun for Teens

Traveling with a teenager can feel like nothing but earbuds and eye rolls. Your child’s teenage years can be some of the most difficult, and it can be even more difficult if they want to do anything besides spend time as a family. But I think that if you can get your teens away from some of those things that distract them {friends, phones, and social media}, then you can set yourself up for some really great family memories through shared experiences. If you are looking for ways to make family travel more fun for teenagers, here are some of my best tips.

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Keto No Bake Gluten Free Cheesecake

The title alone makes this dessert seem like no fun {I mean, come on...keto, no-bake and gluten-free???}, but you've got to taste this! We all know someone who has dietary restrictions, so why not give this cheesecake a try and see for yourself. It's a refreshing taste we all know and love that you can almost feel not guilty indulging in. Read more to find this delicious keto cheesecake recipe that you'll love adding to your dessert recipe stash.

single serving individual dessert cheesecake recipe


Top Vacation Spots with Teens

If you are looking for a great vacation to take as a family, choosing the destination can sometimes be the hardest part. If you are traveling with a teen, and you want to ensure that they also have a good time, then you may want to consider some of these vacation spots! Here are the top vacation spots to go with teens.

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Why You Need an Emergency Fund

Being prepared financially is just as important as any other prep work that you will do for yourself and your family. If you were running a marathon, you would spend weeks training to ensure that you don’t hurt your muscles when the big day comes. An emergency fund is the training but for your budget and your finances! This little stash of money will be there whenever disaster strikes! If you have unexpected hospital bills, a last-minute flight for a funeral, or even a sudden car repair, you’ll be covered! Here is why you need an emergency fund and why it’s worth having.

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Best Summertime Cocktail Recipes

Learn which cocktails and beers are the most refreshing when wading through those warm weather days. Warm weather brings rising thirst, and what better way to quench that craving than with a refreshing cocktail or beer. Once you master a few of these popular summertime cocktail recipes, you'll feel more confident to create a signature drink or two of your own. So read more and become a master of the summertime cocktail!
Moscow Mule drink recipe

How to Start Saving Money

Saving money sounds simple enough. All you have to do is not spend money to save money. Well, if it were that simple, everyone would be able to do it. The reality is that getting started is the most challenging part. Once you can build a habit of saving, you may find you don’t need a budget anymore! Here is a quick guide to help you start saving money.

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What's It REALLY Like Traveling in the Time of COVID?

Like many of you, I've had my fair share of plans get canceled because of COVID. At the beginning of the year, our oldest son relocated to Boise, ID after graduating from college in December. He invited his father and me to visit and see his new home, and if you are a parent of a young adult child, you jump on any chance you can to visit your child when they request your presence. Airplane tickets were purchased back in January before COVID was even a thought. Though once COVID swept the nation, we had reservations about continuing our plans. As states started to reopen, {Idaho being one of them}, we decided to continue on with our plans to travel. I know that people will have opinions on every side about how they feel about travel in the time of COVID, but I wanted to share our experience of what it's really like and then you can make the most informed decision for you and your family if you want to consider continuing or canceling your summer travel plans. 

So what is it really like to travel in the time of COVID? I'm sharing our experience.

what is it like to travel during coronavirus
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