Must-MustHave New Car Features

About five weeks ago, I got into a pretty major car accident. Thankfully, the dog and I were the only ones in the car at the time and while I got pretty banged up and am still recovering {it's a slow process!}, things could have been much much worse. 

For the past few months I have been testing out cars. We knew that we would need to replace my twelve year old mini van that I lovingly referred to as Thelma at some point in the near future, we just weren't expecting to scramble to replace her after she was deemed a complete loss by the insurance company.

A lot has changed in cars in more than a decade since we bought Thelma so I'm glad that I had the opportunity to test out a few different cars to see what features I really liked and which ones weren't as important. I also had to give up a few of the items on my wish list because they just didn't exist in the car that we finally narrowed it down to.

Come along with me and hear about the tale of two Mazda's {they got me through the month after my accident before I got my replacement} and meet our new family car. Her name is Louise and see what my list of must-have new car features were.


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How to make a driftwood mirror

When you think of beach combing, you usually think of shells. But not if you are on the Pacific coast. Living in Washington, most of the beaches are filled with driftwood. While I love to find shells on the beach, I have warmed up to the idea of the hunt for driftwood. Last summer, I collected a nice big bag of driftwood and have been using it for various projects. This driftwood mirror is my latest project. 
how to make a driftwood mirror

You won't believe what else I used to create it!

Spring is in the air! Some spring refresh ideas for you and your home

Spring is here! I must say that while spring isn't my favorite season, it comes in as a close second. I love that spring gives me hope that summer isn't too far away. 

I also love the bright fresh colors, the flowers that start to spring up around the yard and the birds chirping early in the mornings. It's such a fun time of new beginnings. It's also a great time to give your home a little refresh. I've got a great collection of ideas from bloggers all over the country with ways that they refresh their home for spring. You will even find a home tour or two!

This post is part of the Wayfair homemakers housewarming party. If you need some spring refresh ideas, you will find them at Wayfair!


How to make a robin's egg from a Target one spot find

Last month I was honored to guest post at Debbiedoo's, a blog I have read for years and years. I just love her thrifty re purposing ways. We are kindred spirits. I was even more honored when she asked me to be a monthly contributor. This post I'm about to share was originally written for her blog only, but I want to give you a chance to see what you are missing so that you will go on over and follow Debbie so you won't ever miss a thing! 

easy to make Robbin egg


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19 Things You Should Always Buy at the Dollar Store or Else You Will Pay Too Much

19 Things You Should Always Buy at the Dollar Store or else you will pay too much

About four years ago, I wrote a post that took me about 20 minutes. It is shocking to me, because that post went viral and still remains my top post week after week on my blog. It seemed to strike a chord with my readers. I once had someone ask me why I wrote that post. He said why does it matter what you should buy at the dollar store? It's only a buck. Who cares?

Who Cares? It's Only a Dollar!

You all seem to care! It seems like even though it's only a buck, we don't want to waste our money on things that break, are sub par or just don't work. Over the years I've become a sort of dollar store expert. People are constantly asking me if the dollar store has this or that and they want my opinion.

It's been a few years since that first post, but I still frequently shop at our local Dollar Tree.  I can't tell you how many times I am shopping the aisles at the dollar store and hear people say, man, I didn't know they had that. I should have looked here first! I keep a running list of those things that I know I can find at the dollar store that will help me from wishing I hadn't spent more on them somewhere else and now, I've compiled them for you!
19 things that you should always buy at the dollar store, or else you will pay too much!

Through the years, I have found these 19 things to be things that you should always buy at the dollar store. If you pick up these items anywhere else you will be paying too much.


I Am--A free Easter printable

It's been a little while since I have shared a free printable with you, but with Easter coming up, I thought that I would share one of my favorite verses with you. 

I love this verse because it reminds me of when I was younger trying to learn how to share the gospel. It's such a great verse but it opens up the Bible into so much more of God's promises, like the promise that He has won the victory over death!

John 11:25 I am the resurrection and the life free printable watercolor memory verse

Cross stitch family portrait

This project has been on my to do list since before Christmas when I saw custom family embroidery creations all over the internet. I remember learning how to cross stitch when I was about 10. I was a child of the 80's after all and we cross stitched everything! I hadn't picked up a needle and embroidery floss in nearly 20 years but I remembered how to do it right away.

All three of my kids know that I make things. I create and I craft but rarely do they take the time to appreciate the things that I make. Usually I will get a grunt or a courtesy "that's nice mom" but this time, I got a much better reaction from this little cross stitch family. The kids loved it! All three of them at different times saw it and commented on how great it was. It's sort of like when you see yourself in a picture, you always look at yourself first before focusing on the other people or things in the image. The kids loved the glasses on my husband. They mentioned the long sleeve waffle shirt under his t-shirt {a staple my husband wears often}. They noticed the dog and their clothes. My oldest son loves to dress up so I put him in a suit. So very fitting. They just all around appreciated the work that I put into this project and I loved making it.

embroidered cross stitch family

It was really easy to create. It did take some time. I worked on it a few minutes at a time here and there, but it was an easy mindless project I could work on while watching TV. I can't wait to show you how you can make your very own custom cross stitch family!

family cross stitch portrait


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