Low Carb Parmesan Crusted Salmon Sheet Pan Recipe

For years I thought I didn't like fish. I think I had it once as a kid and hated the texture but it was probably some fishy kind of fish that was just not cooked properly. I lived in the Seattle area for darn near a decade before I decided I'd give fish a try again, and boy am I glad I did. We have some of the best salmon in the whole world in our area, fresh caught and local to the pacific northwest. Not only that, salmon is a healthy meal choice packed with high-quality protein, minerals, and vitamins. Salmon also has some pretty great Omega-3's and outside of hearing how great they are for you {homestly, I tune out the rest} I just know it has it, so it's got to be good right? 

Salmon has now become a staple in our weeknight meal rotation. We eat dinner as a family nearly every single night. I cook 99% of the time. We eat out maybe twice a month. Maybe. I'm always looking for quick meal ideas because we are a busy family on the go with teenagers who work and evening sports practices, and to be honest, anything that takes me more than 30 minutes to prep or cook and hard to find ingredients is just not happening.  That's why I love this parmesan crusted salmon recipe. Not only that, it's a good low carb sheet pan recipe and I love a good sheet pan recipe.

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Stop Ignoring Twitter! How Bloggers and Small Businesses Can Grow a Relevant and Engaged Audience on Twitter

I don't talk a lot about the background of what I do as a blogger, but over the 14 years that I've been blogging, I've grown my blog from a place to share family photos to a small business that helps to provide for our family. What was once a hobby blog, is now an LLC that has been created to help share content to followers all over the world! When I was in college, there was no career out there that involved blogging or social media marketing degrees. The internet barely existed! I've seen blogging evolve and change over time, and we've seen the start of social media in our lifetime. Social media will forever change our world and we've had a front seat to it all! It's crazy!

why should I use twitter

My blog started to evolve and change. Maybe you've been along for the ride since the beginning. If so, thank you! If you are new here, welcome! I really want this to be a place where I can share real people, real projects and real life. The internet and social media are full of enough fake and curated content, I want to be the girlfriend you can trust who will help you along the way.

5 Tips for Visiting Italy with Teens

Most people thought we were pretty ambitious for planning an international trip with our teenagers for spring break. I love that we can give them the gift of travel. I think it makes the world a smaller place. {I've written often about the benefits of family travel!} But there are a few things that you should keep in mind, some tips per se, that will make traveling around Italy with teens more enjoyable. And one tip that will spare any of you any embarrassment and frustration as you see the sights. Here are my top 5 tips for visiting Italy with teens.

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Easy Chocolate Mug Cake (Without Egg)

A friend just told me that her husband will only eat dessert if it's fresh. Like bake a batch of brownies one day and gobble up as many as you can, because even if there are any left, the second day they somehow turn gross, fresh. We all have our things. I actually hate making desserts if we aren't going to consume them in a day or two, so if I'm baking something for dessert, it's because I usually have something I'm going to with a crowd that's going to consume it. But sometimes I just want a little something I can make that will indulge my sweet tooth. This easy chocolate mug cake is the best out there! It's the perfect single serve mug cake recipe you will find!

lava cake in a coffee mug with chocolate chips

Visiting the Amalfi Coast with Teens

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The plane tickets to Rome were purchased, but we knew we wanted to explore more of Italy with our two teens beyond the busy city. We considered Florence but ultimately decided to head to the Amalfi Coast a few hour drive from the Rome airport. We are beach lovers so we knew we wanted to go somewhere surrounded by water. The Amalfi Coast did not disappoint and while it's mostly thought of as a romantic location it made for the perfect area for our family to explore. There is plenty to do and more than enough to keep your teens entertained. Here are my top picks for things to do with teens when you are visiting the Alamfi Coast.

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S'Mores Snack Mix Teacher Gift with Free Printable Gift Tag

The end of the school year is coming and it's time to honor those teachers with a sweet end of the year gift. For years I volunteered on PTA, PTO and in my three kids' schools, and every year, I worked at trying to find a fun end of the year gift I could make in bulk for the teachers that had poured into my kids during the school year. The teachers appreciate the recognition and giving them a sweet treat like this S'mores snack mix will keep them going until that very last day! The fun printable gift tag ties the whole thing together! Come check out how to make this sweet treat for a sweet teacher!

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The Best Place to Stay on the Amalfi Coast in Italy

The Amalfi Coast is a gorgeous stretch of coastline in Southern Italy made up of 13 villages between Sorrento and Solerno. You might be wondering where you should stay when you visit this beautiful coastline, but look no further! We did a ton of research before our recent trip and were not disappointed in the location we chose to spend the bulk of our time in Italy. Our family loves the beach and being surrounded by water but we also longed for an authentic Italian experience that felt a little off-the-beaten-path. We succeed in finding that and then some by staying in Montepertuso, Italy. Hands down, this is one of the best places to stay when you come to the Amalfi Coast if you want something a little more authentic unspoiled from the droves of tourists.
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5 Easy to Grow Veggies to Plant in Early Summer

I'm not much of a green thumb but I do like to garden and I've learned a thing or two by trial and error. Our spring weather is fairly mild here in Seattle, and I like to plant my vegetable garden mid to late April. I am a no-fuss kind of gal. I plant hardy plants that I know I can grow year after year. These 5 easy to grow veggies are the perfect plants to start in early summer or late spring to give you a jump start on the gardening season and help you get some freshly grown food on your plate before you know it!

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The Best of Metropolitan Market-A Local PNW Favorite!

When I moved to the Pacific Northwest from Indiana nearly 20 years ago, one of the first grocery stores I became familiar with was Metropolitan Market. They opened a store not far from my home when my kids were small. Met Market offered these sweet little kids sized grocery carts my little ones begged to use, and seriously, what kid begs to go to a grocery store! But this wasn't any grocery store. Met Market {as it's fondly known to the locals} is the Pacific Northwest's favorite grocery store with organic, natural and locally sourced foods. After 45 years in the making, the local grocery is launching "Best of Met" items, a carefully curated collection of more than 100 items selected by the Metropolitan Market Culinary Council. That list can be overwhelming, so I'm sharing a list of my Best of Met products after shopping the store for nearly two decades. These are the tried and true top 10 Best of Met favorites that you will find me stocking up on!

woman with the famous Metropolitan Market chocolate chip cookie

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