The Best Place to Stay on the Amalfi Coast in Italy

The Amalfi Coast is a gorgeous stretch of coastline in Southern Italy made up of 13 villages between Sorrento and Solerno. You might be wondering where you should stay when you visit this beautiful coastline, but look no further! We did a ton of research before our recent trip and were not disappointed in the location we chose to spend the bulk of our time in Italy. Our family loves the beach and being surrounded by water but we also longed for an authentic Italian experience that felt a little off-the-beaten-path. We succeed in finding that and then some by staying in Montepertuso, Italy. Hands down, this is one of the best places to stay when you come to the Amalfi Coast if you want something a little more authentic unspoiled from the droves of tourists.
where to stay on the southern coast of italy

The Best Village to Stay on the Amalfi Coast in Italy
where to stay on the southern coast of italy

Once we narrowed down that we wanted to spend time on the Amalfi Coast, we needed to make the decision to select the area we wanted to call home for a few days. I was drawn to the picturesque hillside of Positano. 
Amalfi coast hillside

Positano, Italy on the Amalfi Coast

Positano is located just east of Sorrento. The colorful stacks of houses on the hillside are exactly what you think of when someone mentions this area. We started looking into HomeAway rentals and while there were several that were quite beautiful, being on the hillside in Positano wasn't the same as being above it.

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If you are staying in Positano, you are looking out at the coast and your view may be obstructed by other homes, power lines, rooftops, you name it. Which made me start to look further up. I was only in it for the view!
As we started researching we found a little town called Montepertuso. 
Amalfi Coast hillside Positano and Montepertuso, Italy

Montepertuso, Italy on the Amalfi Coast

Montepertuso sits just above Positano with the most amazing seaside views. Until just a few decades ago, there was no road into this hillside village. It was reachable only by staircase. Stairs that you can still walk today into the town and I'd highly recommend that you do! There is now a road that is easily accessible by bus or car {see this post about renting a car in Italy}
hillside sheep

This sweet little town is a place where time just seems to stand still. It's why I think it's the best place to stay on the Amalfi Coast.

HomeAway rentals were almost half the price as those in Positano with views that were far better! We rented the most beautiful two-bedroom home on a hillside, steps from the bus stop into Positano with views that were to die for! It had several private balconies that we could enjoy the view from and parking for our rental car in a secure area.
Positano Italy hillside

What I loved about Staying in Montepertuso 

We explored Positano and it was lovely, but I don't for a second regret not staying in the hustle and bustle of the city. The charming village of Montepertuso had an authentic feel I don't think we would have gotten in another area of the Amalfi Coast, but especially not in Sorrento or Positano. 
montepertuso and positano italy

Local Daily Shopping

We would walk daily about five minutes into the main part of the village to the small grocery store and shop for local food items. The store seemed to be owned by a family, an older mother and father, and their middle-aged daughter. The parents didn't speak any English, but the daughter was around on a few occasions to help us with communication. However, we seemed to manage just fine.
We had local cheeses and meats sliced daily, picked up fresh eggs and bread and enjoyed the changing market. The prices were more reasonable than those we found in Positano. Montepertuso is a village where the locals live, and while they do get tourists, I think it's few and far between. 
fine dining in Positano Montepertuso Italy

The Best Restaurants in the Area

There are a few local restaurants that get high reviews. We talked to a lot of visitors during our time on the coast and everyone raved about the restaurants in Montepertuso. Both offer free pick up from where you are staying.
La Tagliata restaurant in Motepertuso

These are the two restaurants not to be missed on the Amalfi Coast!

La Tagliata

La Tagliata is a family-owned restaurant that has been catering to the farm to table experience long before it was a thing. The owner picked us up from our HomeAway rental in the family car and along the way told us a little bit about his family and about our upcoming dining experience.

We arrived and were allowed to walk around the farm and garden area. It was clean and well cared for and the kids loved getting to meet the animals. Once we arrived back inside, we were taken to meet the family. Everyone in the kitchen and serving at the tables was family and they took the time to welcome us into their home. 
There is no menu, just seasonal food served family style with course after course coming to you! It was one of the most authentic experiences we had and we felt like family as we left.

Il Ritrovo

We stopped here for our first meal in Italy after a long day of travel. My daughter still says it's the best meal she had the whole trip! The view was amazing and the pasta was unbelievable. The staff brought us wine, appetizers and desserts "on the house" simply because they wanted us to experience the food and we were grateful to try it.
Il Ritrovo also offers a cooking class that might be worth looking into if you have the time.

Away from the Crowds

The beauty of the area draws the crowds, but thankfully, the mountainside village of Montepertuso seems largely unaffected by them. We spoke to some fellow Americans who were told they just HAD to stay in Positano, but man am I glad we beat the crowds of tourists and got a more authentic feel up on the hillside. 
Positano and Montepertuso villages in Italy

Easy Access to the Bus or Waterfront

We rented a car, but most of our daily transportation was on foot or on the bus. This was so easy with the local Positano bus line running right through Montepertuso. Once you get into Positano, you can transfer to the SITA bus to explore local areas like Sorrento or head further out into Naples or Pompeii on the train. 

You can purchase bus tickets at the local grocery store in Montepertuso or at the Tobacco shops in Positano. You can not purchase bus fare on board!

hillside village on the Amalfi Coast
Several days we took the beautiful staircase down to Positano and it took us about 30 minutes to walk from Montepertuso to the waterfront. There are well-marked signs as you weave through hillside homes and gardens getting the most amazing view as you descend.
Once you get to the waterfront, you can easily get on a boat to explore the area. I'd highly recommend Grassi Junior boat tours for a day trip to Capri. 
Positano Boat tour
I simply cannot recommend this area enough! I'd highly recommend staying at Casa Terry. You can find more information here. Let Teresa know I sent you! 
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Positano and Montepertuso italy
To get a more authentic experience, you can't beat heading up to the hillside town of Montepertuso. Do it quickly, before more people discover this sleepy little village! The moment you step into this town and hear the laughter echoing through the hillside, experience the fresh food and take in the views below you'll know you picked the perfect place to stay on the Amalfi Coast.

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