The Best of Metropolitan Market-A Local PNW Favorite!

When I moved to the Pacific Northwest from Indiana nearly 20 years ago, one of the first grocery stores I became familiar with was Metropolitan Market. They opened a store not far from my home when my kids were small. Met Market offered these sweet little kids sized grocery carts my little ones begged to use, and seriously, what kid begs to go to a grocery store! But this wasn't any grocery store. Met Market {as it's fondly known to the locals} is the Pacific Northwest's favorite grocery store with organic, natural and locally sourced foods. After 45 years in the making, the local grocery is launching "Best of Met" items, a carefully curated collection of more than 100 items selected by the Metropolitan Market Culinary Council. That list can be overwhelming, so I'm sharing a list of my Best of Met products after shopping the store for nearly two decades. These are the tried and true top 10 Best of Met favorites that you will find me stocking up on!

woman with the famous Metropolitan Market chocolate chip cookie

The Best of Met
My Top 10 Favorite Metropolitan Market Picks

selection of hand picked items from this upscale grocer in the pacific northwest

Where is Metropolitan Market Located?

You'll find locations in Queen Anne {Uptown Seattle}, Magnolia, West Seattle {Admiral}, Kirkland, Sammamish, Sand Point, Gig Harbor and my local store in Proctor {Tacoma}.

How many Met Market Locations are there?

There are 8 Met Market locations

Find Metropolitan Market Locations Here

Where Was the First Met Market Location?

Seattle had the first Met Market location in 1971. Met Market is known for it's high-quality foods providing a truly unique shopping experience. 

Who Owns Met Market?

Good Food Holdings owns Met Market and several sister companies including Bristol Farms, Lazy Acres Market, New Seasons Market and New Leaf Community Market. All of them are deeply rooted in their community and while they are all different, they all bring the same high-quality and top notch food to their consumers in Washington, California and Oregon. 

Visiting Seattle? Shop Like a Local at this Grocer!

If you aren't a local to Seattle, you must make this market a stop on your visit to the area! You can get homemade gelato, fresh mozzarella stretched daily and some of the best deli sandwiches around. It's the perfect place to stop in if you want to plan a picnic in the area and enjoy a day hike to Mt. Rainer or enjoy one of the local beaches. 

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metropolitan market entrance

Top 10 Best of Met Picks

1. Skagit Valley Flour

You can't get great flavor with low-quality ingredients, so you need to start with the best. As any food-lover knows, the best ingredients can be hard to find! Met Market has worked hard to be the place people turn for the very best! Like this Cairnspring Mills flour. The wheat is grown and stone-milled by Cairnspring Mills locally in the Skagit Valley. You really can taste the difference! 

flat lay baking image with eggs and flour

2. Miche Bread

My husband loves bread! It's literally a staple at every meal. If I want to show him that I really love him, I either bake him some fresh bread or buy him some of this Miche bread at Met Market. This bread is made with the Skagit Valley flour {seen above} by the local company Essential Bakery. It passes my bread loving husbands taste test every single time!

bread dipped in balsamic vinegar and oil

3. Met Market Extra Virgin Olive Oil

After spending a few weeks in Italy last month, I feel like a real pro on all things olive oil. It's hard to find an olive oil this side of the Mediterranean that tastes as good as it does there, but these third-generation growers in Greece produce the best extra virgin olive oil perfect for dipping bread in!

metropolitan market best of products

4. Met Market Balsamic Vinegar

My favorite spring treat right now is drizzling fresh strawberries with Met Market Balsamic Vinegar. Directly from Modena, Italy, it's hand-crafted from just two ingredients. It has a way of punching up every other ingredient it meets!

best of met market

5. &6. Met Market Popcorn

I'm a huge popcorn lover! I think that popcorn is the absolute perfect snack and this small-batch kettle and white cheddar popcorn are pretty delicious!

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metropolitan market picnic and snack foods

7. Met Market Italian Soda

My kids are obsessed with Italian sodas! We love the Met Market Italian Soda {Blood Orange is our favorite!}. They make the perfect addition to a cocktail or just because!

Italian soda metropolitan market snack foods for a picnic

8. Seattle Strong Coffee

I like my coffee iced and after trying this Seattle Strong Nitro Dirty Chai, I have a new summer favorite! It's the perfect cold brew to keep in your fridge for a treat or to take on the go. We don't mess around with coffee here in the PNW!

metropolitan market

9. Fresh Guacamole

You know that friend who makes the best guac? Well, who needs friends when you have the Met Market team making you fresh guacamole in-house with ripe-and-ready avocados? It's seriously the best stuff out there! You can buy it mild or with a kick! And for a little variation, dip a plantain chip in it for fun!

best of met metropolitan market

10. The Cookie

I saved my favorite for last. The Cookie is literally everyone's favorite pick at Met Market but don't take my word for it! Nearly half of the total cookie weight is in chocolate! It has not just one, but two different types of Belgian-style chocolate with toasted walnuts and a sprinkle of fine French sea salt. The Cookie is baked in all stores continually throughout the day and kept perfectly-warmed so it's perfect when you buy it!

best of met metropolitan market

This list will get you started but you are sure to find plenty of your own Best of Met moments!

Find a complete list of Best of Met product selections with special in-store signage and online here. And follow the #bestofmet official hashtag so you can see what others showcase as their own Best of Met moments!

I'd love to hear what some of your Best of Met picks are. Comment below or tag me on social media {I'm @msrachelteodoro}!

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