15 Date Ideas Under $15

Dinner and a movie is a perfect date night option, but after a while, this can start to add up. Making the time to date your spouse is important, but it doesn't have to break the bank. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a fun date night with your significant other! Here are 15 date ideas that are all under $15! 

Dumb Things People Ask About All-Inclusive Resorts

So maybe starting this post out with the mention of dumb questions isn't the nicest thing, but it's hard for me to not shake my head when I've heard people on message boards, in group chats, and in real life ask all of these questions about all-inclusive resorts. Maybe some people are just over-thinkers {or over packers or both!}, but the questions sometimes surprise me. I did my best to answer the questions because they are obviously legitimate concerns of the person asking them. I will say though, all-inclusive resorts are my favorite kind of vacation because I think you can truly have a vacation. You don't have to think about where to eat, what to do, or how much certain things cost because it's all included!

mimosa and palm trees

So about those dumb questions...


5 Reasons I love my Cricut Explore Air 2 for Holiday Crafting

When I got my first cutting machine for Christmas in 2010, I think the words I said were "man, this is really going to up my crafting game." And it has! I've found that the more I've used a cutting machine the more I realize how much the machine can help me in my everyday life. I used to think that cutting machines were only for crafters, but in the years that I've had one, I have seen countless needs it could have met. From teachers in the elementary school to junior high projects, for fundraising activities and everything in between. I can't even begin to tell you about every project I've created because there have been so many, but I can tell you 5 reasons why I love my cutting machine, and recently, why I'm enamored with my newest cutting machine, the Cricut Explore Air 2, especially for holiday crafting.

cricut cutting machine

Stick around for the tutorial for the DIY Santa Snack Holiday Tray. 

cricut Christmas projects

15 Gift Ideas for Husbands that Buy all of their Own Stuff Anyway

Who else is ready to get their holiday shopping done and over with? This is the part of the holidays that a lot of us don't necessarily love. Battling crowds, spending money and stressing about buying just the right gifts is not always fun and games.

Do you have a particular person that you are always stressed out shopping for? I know I do. You know what I am talking about. The one that buys all of their own stuff anyway without thought to the fact that they should maybe wait until the holidays are over? Yes, I am talking about husbands. I mean, I can't be the only one that has dealt with this, right? It's fine, of course, they are adults, they are able to buy what they want, but my goodness does it make shopping difficult!


6 Gifts that Keep on Giving

I don't think of myself as being hard to buy for. I like a lot of things and I'm not that hard to please. Probably my favorite gifts are those that make me know that someone was thinking about me. That could mean that they saw me in my wacky socks and knew I was a fan of bold prints, or they found something they loved themselves and thought that I might like it too. I put together this collection of six gifts that keep on giving because I wanted to share a few of my absolute favorite gifts. Each of these is gifts I could think of at least one or more people in my life would love just as much as I do. Many of the gifts either give back to a great cause or are subscriptions that will keep on giving all year long. Come check out the six gifts that keep on giving. I think you will love them as much as I do.

holiday gift giving with a cause giving with a purpose


Santa's Magic Key Plus Free Printable

Not everyone has a house with a chimney and this time of year that can be quite disturbing. Not because it's some DIY project you should put on your to-do list, but because of Santa, that's why. Parents with inquisitive kids know this can create quite the conundrum, so why not explain that there is a "magic" key that will let Santa enter into your home on Christmas Eve when he can't go the traditional chimney route. If you've got a concerned kiddo, put their mind to ease with Santa's magic key.

family holiday traditions

5 Ways to Cozy Up Your Living Room for the Holidays

This post is brought to you by the Carpet and Rug Institute. All opinions are 100% my own.
I am no home decorator. Not even close, but I don't think most of us are. I see images on Pinterest on Instagram or in magazines and I'm drawn to them, but sometimes I'm not sure why. My husband tells me often, especially when I'm being precious about how things look in our home, that we live here in this space. And I think that's what is most important about our homes. We aren't designing them to be sold, we aren't putting them out there to be perfect for a magazine, we are living in them and creating memories. So how can you cozy up your home for the holidays? I've got a few toasty, cozy updates you can easily do in your own home.
decorating your home for the holidays

Thinking Outside the Box: Gifts for Tweens and Teens That They Will Love!

This blog post is sponsored by LEGO. All opinions are my own.

I'm not sure I ever outgrew my love of toys. I had dolls on my Christmas list well into my teen years and then transitioned to working at a toy store through high school. In college, I got a bachelor's degree in child development and that really just allowed me to spend time playing with and observing kids until I had my own children. So if you're following me, I never quit playing with toys. Nope. 
With the advance in technology, the time spent in childhood seems to be shrinking but thankfully, there are brands like LEGO that encourage kids to be kids. It's a brand that most of us grew up with and now we get the chance to share that with our children. 

Finding fun, engaging and unique toys for tweens and teens can be a bit challenging. There are plenty of toys that cater to younger children, but the market just seems to drop off. So how can you think outside of the box and come up with toys and gifts that will engage those tweens and teens? I've got a few ideas for you!


DIY Leopard Print Shoes with Vinyl

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

I've been having a lot of fun creating with my new Cricut Explore Air 2. I've made adulting stickers {I didn't hit snooze!}, luggage tags, and paper succulents. I've made custom state trucker hats with the EasyPress and I've shared which machine I like better {the Silhouette or the Cricut}. The answer might surprise you because I've been a loyal Silhouette owner for nearly 10 years and now I'm sharing with you my latest DIY, these custom leopard print ballet flats.

I'm all about neutrals and basics when it comes to my wardrobe and I rarely buy anything on-trend that won't last multiple seasons. I've never been a big fan of the animal print, though this season, the leopard print is growing on me, I'm not sure how long it's going to stick around. It's why I made these leopard print flats. I took a plain ballet flat and added metallic adhesive foil vinyl so that once the trend has run its course, I can remove the vinyl and have my plain shoes back again. Genius? Maybe. Easy? You bet!

cricut cutting machine explore air 2


15 Awesome Gifts Every Coffee Lover Needs

Do you have a coffee lover on your holiday shopping list? I absolutely love shopping for gifts for coffee lovers because there are so many amazing gifts out there for them! I decided to do a little look around Amazon and see what kind of awesome gifts every coffee lover needs and, I was not disappointed! Check out what I found:


5 Tips for Navigating the Holidays with your Tween or Teen

Parents are acutely aware of how time passes during the holidays; hormonal, moody teens being themselves while parents are intensely aware that the kids are growing older and will eventually leave the nest, maybe only to visit on the holidays. Knowing that our kids are gaining their independence can make it difficult to fully enjoy and navigate the holidays with tweens and teens. So how can we really appreciate the time we have left with our kids at home? How can we create a space that's special for the holidays? I've got 5 tips for navigating the holidays with your tween or teen.

parenting support for teens


Doing Good in Downtown Seattle

This time of year gets extra busy, so why not set aside 24 hours for a couples getaway? It's also the time of giving, so why not make the most of both and book an evening at the Charter Hotel Seattle, Curio Collection by Hilton and give back to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center with the Hilton Legacy Package.  I love being downtown and I love giving back, and we have all been affected by cancer in some way, so why not support this amazing partnership and enjoy your time in Seattle being pampered AND doing good.
Fred Hutch and Charter Hotel partnership Hilton Legacy

Top Ski Resorts to Visit in BC

I grew up in Indiana where the hills on a golf course were the highest point around. We had plenty of snow, but fresh snow was made for sledding. Growing up, I would occasionally see ski tags hanging like a prize off of the zipper of a ski coat but I never thought to seek out a ski trip. It wasn't until a few years after living in the greater Seattle area, that I took from sledding the hills adjacent to several ski resorts in our area, and decided to learn how to ski. My oldest son had learned from his grandpa one winter, and the invitation to join the in-laws on a ski trip to Whistler, BC, was accepted. I signed up for ski lessons {BC ski resorts have THE BEST ski lessons for all skill levels}, and I've been skiing every winter since.

If you were to ask our kids what their favorite winter activity was, they would all say, hands down skiing. This mama wants to give them what they want, so I've started researching the best ski resorts in British Columbia {BC} Canada. Here is everything you need to know about the top 8 ski resorts that are all driving distance from the greater Seattle area.
canada ski resorts

What Can I Make with the Cricut EasyPress?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

One of my favorite things to make with my cutting machine is custom shirts. I'm a sorority girl at heart and if you don't have a shirt that says something happened, then did it really happen? One of my first projects after getting my cutting machine was making custom t-shirts for a yearly family Turkey Trot. We are entering the 9th year, and every year, I've designed and made a different t-shirt for friends and family that have wanted one. Every year, I use my iron to press each and every one of them and think, who needs a heat press when you've got an iron? Not me. 

That was until I started to notice that my heat transfer vinyl {HTV} wasn't sticking as well as it once had. Maybe I wasn't putting as much care and attention into pressing my iron or maybe the HTV was starting to change and wasn't sticking as well as personal cutting machines became more popular. Whatever the reason, I thought I could survive with just an iron, until I began to notice that every shirt I had made was starting to peel after just a few washes. I caved and got a Cricut EasyPress and I'm telling you, if you use iron on vinyl more than once a year {and that's probably all of you with a cutting machine like a Silhouette or Cricut}, then you need an EasyPress. So what can you make with a Cricut EasyPress and why do you need one? Read on my friends, I'll tell you why I'm completely sold on this new addition to my craft room!


7 Ways to Encourage Generosity in Your Child

For a child, being generous doesn’t always come easy. Sometimes, it feels like you’re wrestling the Tasmanian Devil. We've all been there. You take your child to the store to buy a gift for a friend’s birthday party. Your child asks for something for himself. You reply “No, not this time”, with or without explanation as to why. At first, it could be a gentle reminder but quickly escalates to tears from your child and frustration from you.
Sound familiar? 

Generosity is something that has to be taught and experienced. Today, I'm sharing seven ways you can encourage generosity in your child so that they can grow up to be generous and loving adults.


Instant Pot Caramel Apple Cheesecake

I am still not a religious Instant Pot user like some of you die-hards, but I do appreciate a good Instant Pot recipe from time to time. I try to use my machine at least once a week and what better way to do that than to make a delicious caramel apple cheesecake for fall!

instant pot dessert recipes

instant pot dessert recipes

10 Things that Make Beaches Resorts Different from Other All-Inclusive Resorts

I don't like watching the same movie more than once and I don't normally like going to the same resort for vacation multiple times, but there are times I make an exception {Bueller? Bueller?}. I just returned from my second visit to Beaches Resort in Turks and Caicos where I was invited to attend the annual conference Social Media on the Sand. The resort is located on one of the most beautiful stretches of beach {don't take my word for it, Grace Bay is voted best beach in the world year after year} and being one of the largest Beaches resorts with more than 93 acres, 21 restaurants and 10 pools to explore, there is a chance you could vacation here multiple times and never grow weary of it! 

In fact, we met several couples and families who had vacationed at this Beaches Resort dozens of times and they just kept coming back because they said it felt like family. That said, even with 18 visits under one particular guest's belt, there were a few things even they didn't know about Beaches Resort. I'm guessing, even if you've been to dozens of all-inclusive resorts and stayed at a Beaches property, there is probably something you didn't know on this list. So keep reading and let me see if I can stump you with these 10 things that make Beaches Resorts different.

all inclusive resort travel


The Best Mouthwatering Hot Chocolate Recipes

There is something about winter and hot chocolate that makes sense! In the colder months, I’m always looking for new ways to whip up a classic hot chocolate treat for myself and my kids. These hot chocolate recipes take a unique perspective on the traditional hot chocolate beverage, and will leave you wanting more! Whether you are looking for a new way to spice up your hot chocolate, or just a new recipe to make, these recipes won’t disappoint! There are even some classic hot chocolate recipes in here too! Here are the best mouthwatering hot chocolate recipes that you need to make this fall and winter.

hot cocoa


Top 5 Snack Tips for the Family On the Go

This post has been sponsored by Fruitlove. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

snacks on the go

Five minutes. That's literally how much time my 17-year-old daughter takes to get ready for school in the morning. From the time she wakes up to the blaring ding of her alarm to walking out the front door, there isn't much lingering or deviation from any normal routine happening. Whirling dervish has been the term used to describe her since birth, and it's a term that's perfect to describe her now. Trust me, during those five minutes, you don't want to get in her way.

My fourteen-year-old son, on the other hand, likes to take his time. He will often set his alarm to give himself far more time than he needs to get ready in the morning, but I enjoy his more relaxed pace. It doesn't stress me out quite as much. I like to make sure both of my student-athletes walk out the door with plenty of on-the-go snacks like Fruitlove spoonable smoothies from Safeway {check out more details here} because it's often hours before they walk in the door of our house again. So what are the best snack ideas for kids and families on the go? I've got a list of my top five tips from years of feeding my on-the-go family. 


The Best 5 Ingredient Crockpot Meals

Crockpot meals can be a lifesaver in the kitchen. However, sometimes you need something easy! Having a few recipes on hand that doesn’t require many ingredients can save you time and money in the kitchen. Save more money with your crockpot by adding some simple five-ingredient crockpot recipes to your meal plan! This will save you time preparing your food, and it will still taste just as good! Anyone who eats it won’t even know the difference! Fool your friends and family with these easy and straightforward crockpot meals. Here are the best five ingredient crockpot meals to make this week.

So Which is Better, Cricut or Silhouette?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

I received a cutting machine for Christmas in 2010. I jumped onto the Silhouette bandwagon and knew for sure that this machine would take my crafting to a whole new level. And it has! At the time, Cricut had a cutting machine that was dependant on cartridges. I didn't like being limited in my designs. I liked the idea of having a design space that was only limited by my own imagination. That's not to say that there wasn't a steep learning curve. I'd spend days designing and creating birthday invitations for my daughter. At one point, I did the math and found that each invitation cost me around $115 to create!

I have watched Cricut grow and evolve through the years and from the sidelines, I saw them making some pretty amazing advancements for a cutting machine. Heck, a machine that could cut leather, fabric and felt? You've got my attention. Talk about upping your craft game! When Cricut invited me to try out one of their Cricut Explore Air™ 2 machine, and write an honest review, I jumped at the chance. So here you go, an honest review from someone who isn't new to the cutting machine game.

cutting machine personal use


10 Things I'm Buying on Amazon for Fall

It's time to get cozy and hunker down. Fall is here and while it may be unseasonably warm or cold where you live {I'm hearing rumblings of both!}, these are the things I'm wanting to buy on Amazon this fall so I'm ready for it. What's on your list?

Pendleton point blanket


6 Simple Ways to Add Fixer Upper Style to Your Home This Fall

Adding seasonal décor to your home is a great way to update the look of each room without completely redecorating. And the fall is the perfect excuse to add a little bit of Fixer Upper style to your house! From natural touches to rustic finds, adding farmhouse style to your home is so easy. Here are six simple ways to add Fixer Upper style to your home this fall.

waco magnolia market


I Was Wrong About Parenting Teenagers

We had only just met, but the first thing this mom of young girls said to me when she found out I had a 17-year-old daughter was "how bad is it?" It took me a second to figure out what she was talking about because it's been about a decade since I expressed my concern over raising teenagers with any of my friends. Once the lightbulb turned on and I realized what she was talking about, I went back to the mantra I repeat often with parents of young children and I said: "I was wrong about parenting teenagers." It's something I wish someone had told me when my three kids were younger, so now I feel like I mention this sentiment on repeat even when people don't ask for my opinion. 

teenage girl in mountains

I never was one to have a favorite stage of childhood. I grab infants from their parents at church, I make faces at the toddler in the grocery cart, I talk about books with the elementary-aged kid I see at the library. But if I'm honest, the people I like the most are teenagers. When I went to Ecuador with World Vision recently to watch the launch of their new Chosen campaign, I got on the ground with babies and zoomed cars around with toddlers. I taught school-aged kids how to play Jenga {they'd been playing it all wrong! What would they have ever done without me?} but it was the group of teenage volunteers that had me the most excited.

Essential Packing List for Beaches Turks and Caicos and Other All-Inclusive Resorts

I'm excited to be heading to Beaches Turks and Caicos resort in a few days for a blog conference called Social Media on the Sand. With the experience from last year under our belt and handfuls of trips to other all-inclusive resorts {our favorite!}, I created an essential packing list for Beaches Turks and Caicos. You're going to want to take note if you are heading to Beaches or any other all-inclusive resort destination. You can thank me later!

grace bay turks and caicos


5 Popular Disney Money Saving Tips that Can Backfire

Taking a trip to Disney can quickly become a costly endeavor. While it can be expensive, there are also so many ways to maximize your Disney dollar and help you save money on your trip! However, there are a few money-saving tips that can quickly backfire and end up costing you more money! Here are five popular Disney money-saving tips that can backfire.

money saving tips for disney


Why Giving Kids Choices Matters

"You can choose this one or this one," I explained to my nearly three-year-old daughter, pointing to the two carefully selected {and matching} outfits I picked for her.  "I want these ones," she said, ignoring the two choices I had given her and pulling out her own option from several different drawers in her dresser as if she'd already planned the outfit out the night before. Many of our mornings ended in a power struggle over what my daughter was going to wear that day. On this particular fall day, she selected for herself a turquoise two-piece bathing suit, a navy blue pea coat, and a purple hat.  Welp, guess it's good we don't actually have to get out of the house today I thought, giving in once again. 

I didn't always give in but I knew how important it was to empower kids and let them have a choice. I wanted my kids to be able to make choices in the safety of our home. But what if kids were raised without having a choice? What if their life circumstances had taken away even their most basic choices? How could a child be preparing to make choices for their future if they weren't able to make decisions in the present?

Last week I was given the opportunity to travel with World Vision to Ecuador, where I got to see how one of the largest NGO's working in the world is empowering children and giving kids in extreme poverty the power of choice through a new initiative called Chosen.

girl selecting world vision child sponsor


How to Support Your Teens as They Discover Their Passion

This post has been sponsored by NERDS® Brand. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Everyone feels passionate about something, but sometimes by the time a teen finds their true passion, it seems like it may feel too late. Taking the time to help your teen discover what they really love at an early age can help them decide what to pursue as a career and can help give them invaluable experience that they may not be able to get as they get older. The NERDS brand believes that everyone is perfectly imperfect, just like its candies, and wants to encourage people to "nerd out" be embracing and celebrating nerdiness in everyone. "Nerding out" means unleashing that passion, smarts, and creativity to be great at something and love what you do. It's why I love partnering with them!

We've all heard the sentiment "do what you love, and you'll never work a day in your whole life." As a parent, isn't that what we want for our children? I know I want my kids to grow up to be functioning adults who love what they do and feel passion for it, but how can you support your teens as they discover their passion? I've got a few tips on ways as a parent, that you can support your teens as they discover their passion. Read on, because I've even got a great way to earn $10,000 grants that will be awarded to five clubs/organizations so they can celebrate their passion and hobby. Visit www.nerdoutandwin.com to submit your entry and learn more. No purchase necessary!

teenagers and parenting

15 Amazing Popcorn Recipes

Popcorn might sound like a simple snack idea you can make at home. If you are a big popcorn lover, then it won’t take long for the simple popcorn recipes you make at home to go a little stale. Instead, change up your popcorn by creating a fun and exciting new recipe! These popcorn recipes are more than just your average microwave popcorn recipe! These are a fun way to spice up your next movie night at home, or try something new! Many of these can be made in just minutes, and there are even sweet options available too! Here are 15 fantastic popcorn recipes to try.

Oreo Pumpkin Patch Chocolate-Dipped Cookies

It's that time of year when the pumpkin-spiced everything starts coming out. I do love a good themed snack or dessert item, so why not create something "pumpkin" themed everyone will love for fall? These chocolate-dipped Oreo pumpkin patch cookies are easy to make and so fun to share. They will be requested at all your fall parties and gatherings. 

bake sale recipes


Mini Beef and Veggie Personal Pot Pie Recipe

There is getting to be a little crisp in the air, and it's about now that I start to fall back on those comfort foods. Seriously, nothing says fall like a warm homemade pot pie. Why not make these personal mini-sized beef and vegetable pot pies for dinner this week? You can double the recipe and freeze them for dinner on one of those busy weeknights. Read on for the recipe and some quick and easy variations.

thanksgiving table setting

Mini Beef and Veggie Personal Pot Pie Recipe


5 Reasons To Visit Squamish, BC

I must confess, I've driven through Squamish more than a handful of times and have used it as nothing more than a bathroom stop on our way up to Whistler to ski. I had no idea that it had such an amazing amount of outdoor activities to participate in, local gourmet food to enjoy and some of the most beautiful rugged landscape I've ever seen. I set out to explore on a mother/son trip with my 14-year-old son Owen and I must say, we had no idea this little bathroom stop had so much adventure in store for us! Squamish, BC is a hidden gem that gets overshadowed by Whistler, but there is no shortage of sparkle from this quaint former logging town. Here are my top 5 reasons why you should make time to explore Squamish, BC.


The Ultimate Travel Guide to Squamish, British Columbia

You know those towns you drive through on the way to another destination and promise yourself you'll be back to visit one day? Well, that was Squamish, British Columbia. I honestly didn't even know the name, just knew that it was home to the Britannia Mine Museum, a large National Historic site that you can't miss as you drive through town. I had the opportunity to explore Squamish, BC on a quick 48 hour trip with my teenage son. We had so much fun, that the other people in our family got jealous and are begging us to plan a trip they can join us on. I'm sure after reading this, you're going to want to start planning too. So here you go, the ultimate travel guide to Squamish, BC. 

squamish country club

Honey Coconut Oat Homemade Granola Bars

Have you ever made homemade granola bars? They aren't as hard as you might think. Granola bars are a staple in our kids lunches and when we are on the go {which, to be honest, is most of the time!}. When you make homemade granola bars, you know exactly what is in them. Most of the commercial granola bars we buy at the grocery store are loaded with sugar. You control everything inside and as you get more comfortable with the recipe, you can add or subtract ingredients so you can make it your own. I've got my basic honey coconut oat granola bar recipe you can try today. They take as little as 10 minutes to prep and 25 minutes to bake. You'll have a healthy snack ready in no time!

homemade healthy granola bars from scratch


8 Popular Cleaning Hacks that Don’t Really Work

We all want to make cleaning a little less painful. That’s why we’re always looking for short cuts and simple tips to make the task a little easier. And while there are a variety of amazing cleaning hacks that actually do the job they’re supposed to do, there are also tons of hacks that don’t work at all. That’s why I’m here to help separate the facts from fiction! Here are eight popular cleaning hacks that don’t actually work.

clean home


Everything You Need to Know about Visiting the Gum Wall in Seattle

The Seattle gum wall is equal parts disgusting and awesome. Anytime I visit Pike Place Market {the gum wall is located in an alley just below} I walk through. Part of me feels like I step into a Harry Potter novel when I walk down Post Alley, and another part is intrigued by the people watching. I think it's worth the stop when you are in the city for a visit, so I compiled this list of everything you need to know about visiting the gum wall attraction in Seattle. 


Not-To-Miss Orchards in Western Washington

Not-to-Miss Orchards in Western Washington 

While there are many WONDERFUL orchards in western Washington, some of them just can't be missed. What is fall without a trip to the orchard? These are three to consider. 

orchard apples

The Hidden Costs of Disney that You Need to Know Before You Go!

Planning for a trip to Disney can be kind of tricky. While they give you a ton of opportunities to prepay for your food, hotel, and even park tickets, there are still some unexpected costs that you may not be ready for. Here are the hidden costs of Disney World or Disney Land that you need to know about.

disney castle with ear

Take a Hike! 5 Safety Tips for the Beginning Hiker

My teen daughter has a bucket list of hikes in our area that she wants to complete. We live in the perfect place for hiking. The pacific northwest is filled with amazing hikes all around. I'm told, however, that she doesn't enjoy hiking with her family. Which puts us in a strange predicament because while she is nearly legal to vote, I'm concerned that she doesn't have all the skills she needs as a novice hiker to keep her safe. I realized many people are probably in the same situation. The PNW gets inundated with visitors to our area every spring, summer and fall and people take up hiking our trails. So I created this list of safety tips for the beginning hiker so you can be as prepared as you can be for your next hike.

beginner hikes for the family around seattle
image credit Stephen Matera

S'mores Cookies

Slightly crispy, with some gooey marshmallows and the perfect amount of chocolate make the prefect s' mores cookie without the campfire. This is everyone's favorite summer flavor, so why not try it every which way! I've got you covered from this delicious s' mores cookie recipe to a collection of my favorite s' mores recipes. Read on!

cookie recipes


How to Make a Dorm Room Feel Like Home

Heading off to college can be such an exciting time for your teen. But while the idea of living on their own is something your teen is probably looking forward to, I’m sure it’s also pretty overwhelming. Since you can’t be there to comfort them every time they’re lonely, why not help them bring some comforts of home along with them? Follow these simple steps to make their dorm room feel a little more like home.

college life


Visit Paradise Mt. Rainier: A Locals Guide to Get the Most out of a Day Trip

I have lived in the shadow of Mt. Rainier for nearly 20 years. I try to make a point of visiting at least once a year because it's such a beautiful National Park literally in my backyard. Many people make it a point to visit Mt. Rainier in the summer, but they aren't quite sure how to make the most of the park. I've got some tips on how you can visit the Paradise area of Mt. Rainier and get a real taste of the beautiful National Park.

How to Talk to Your Child about Tragic Events

As parents, we can often struggle with what we should say and share with our children when tragic events occur. Our children watch and observe us. It’s through our actions that we teach our children how to live. When a tragedy occurs, we can teach our children to understand and cope with the events that happen around them. Unfortunately, tragic events are happening all too often and we need to find a way to have a dialogue with our kids. I hope this gives you a few resources you can use to open those hard conversations. 


How to Save Money And Travel the World

How to Save Money & Travel the World

Do you want to travel the world? Perhaps you do, but your wallet is like “Woah, hang on.” It is possible to save money and travel the world. You just need to know how to do it. Don’t get discouraged about how expensive it can be to travel. Let’s face it, saving money takes discipline, keep this in mind as you learn how to save money and eventually travel the world.

save money on travel


S'mores Ice Cream Sandwiches

S'mores are everyone's favorite! I know they are mine! I love easy to make treats that can be semi-homemade if I don't have as much time, or made from scratch if I do! This S' mores Ice Cream Sandwich is the perfect treat. The combination of chocolate, graham cracker, and toasted marshmallow will have everyone swooning. Use pre-made cookie dough, or make your own! Either way, no campfire needed! Enjoy this easy to make S' mores ice cream sandwich recipe.

smores ice cream sandwich recipe

The Best Bruschetta Recipe

Bruschetta is hands down one of the best ways to enjoy the bounties of your garden this summer. It's a classic Italian appetizer that is bursting with flavor. It's really easy to make ahead, in fact, it's encouraged because the flavors have time to marinate together. Then, you can serve it up on a toasted baguette. Fresh homemade bruschetta is really the flavor of the summer! Give this recipe with tomato and basil a try today. It's the best out there!

appetizer recipe with tomato and basil

appetizer recipe

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