15 Date Ideas Under $15

Dinner and a movie is a perfect date night option, but after a while, this can start to add up. Making the time to date your spouse is important, but it doesn't have to break the bank. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a fun date night with your significant other! Here are 15 date ideas that are all under $15! 

15 Date Ideas Under $15

Visit a museum

Many museums can get you tickets for around $7. Find places that offer a local discount for even more significant savings.

Go thrift shopping

Head to the thrift store with $10 and see what you can find for that price! You can even challenge your significant other to see who can find the best find!

Go see a local show

Many local shows are just $5 or sometimes even no admission charge! Use the extra money for a beer or a glass of wine.
hike on a date

Go for a scenic hike

Head out to your favorite hiking trail and go on a relaxing hike with your sweetheart.

Have a movie night at home

Rent a few Redbox movies, pop some popcorn, and enjoy your own cinema experience at home!

Visit your local arcade and win some prizes

$15 can go a long way at an arcade! Pool your earnings and win some prizes.

Spend the day at the beach

If you live near the coast, head out to the beach for a romantic stroll or fun day in the sun. Sometimes you have to pay for parking, but if you go during the offseason, parking might be free.

Head out for a slice of pizza

Pizza slices are pretty cheap, and many have combo deals with a drink included for less than $5. You can even turn this into a walking date and walk around town if the pizza place is close enough.
ice cream on a date

Go out for ice cream

Can’t afford a dinner out? Why not just do dessert! If you’re not in the mood for ice cream, head to a restaurant and only order dessert!

Wander around your local farmer’s market

Farmer's markets have some pretty fabulous finds! This can be a fun place to explore or grab a few local produce items.

Have a couple’s game night

Gather up your favorite board games and have a couple’s game night right in your own home. Use your $15 budget to splurge for a pizza if you must.

Play a round of mini-golf

Mini golf is pretty cheap, and you can usually find places that will let you play for around five or six bucks for the whole day.

Go fishing

Find some cheap bait and go out for a day of fishing!

Have a picnic in the park

Scavenge through your fridge for some tasty food and then bring a blanket to your local park for a fun and romantic meal.
coffee on a date

Head to your favorite coffee shop for a cup of joe

Even a Starbucks coffee won’t run you $15!
No matter what kind of budget you’re on, these date nights are sure to impress your date and your wallet. What are your favorite date night ideas that don't cost a lot of money?

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