Dumb Things People Ask About All-Inclusive Resorts

So maybe starting this post out with the mention of dumb questions isn't the nicest thing, but it's hard for me to not shake my head when I've heard people on message boards, in group chats, and in real life ask all of these questions about all-inclusive resorts. Maybe some people are just over-thinkers {or over packers or both!}, but the questions sometimes surprise me. I did my best to answer the questions because they are obviously legitimate concerns of the person asking them. I will say though, all-inclusive resorts are my favorite kind of vacation because I think you can truly have a vacation. You don't have to think about where to eat, what to do, or how much certain things cost because it's all included!

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So about those dumb questions...

Dumb Things People Ask About All-Inclusive Resorts

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Do we need to bring our own towels?

This concerns me. Do you bring your own towels to a hotel you stay at? Even the Roach Motel has towels for its guests.

Are my boys (age 14, 12) only allowed to eat from the kids' menus? Or are they allowed to order from the normal adult entrees at restaurants?

It's an all-inclusive resort, you do you boo. Order several entrees, get all the desserts, pick and choose whatever food you want. 
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How many hangers are provided in each room?

Really? I guess you could always request more if you want to hang up all of the things.

If you are floating in the ocean on a floatie, how do you make sure you don't float out to sea?

I have no words.

If I bring my own cup, will they only fill it as full as their normal plastic cups? I'm afraid I won't get a full drink.

I've been bringing my own insulated cup to all-inclusive resorts for years and not one single bartender balks at my request to fill it all the way up.  It's one of my tips for getting the most out of your all-inclusive resort experience.

My favorite TV show finale is this week. Will I be able to watch it?

Yes, yes you will. Streaming on wi-fi if needed, but resorts have TV's too. 
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So since the resort is all-inclusive does that mean my flights are included too?

There are often options to book flights, especially if you are booking through the resorts website or travel agency. Unless you take the time to specifically request that flights be included in your quote, they are not.

My flight isn't until late, but check out is early. Do I have to pay for the day or do they charge by the night?

Drink and eat all you want. And put those bags in the luggage room. I promise you, no one is kicking you out just because your check-out time expired.

Can you guarantee the weather? 


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Are there kids at the adult-only resort?

I guess this is a valid(ish) question since there are several resort properties that have a tower for families on one side and a tower for adults on the other. If a resort says adults-only, they do not allow children to check-in.

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