15 Gift Ideas for Husbands that Buy all of their Own Stuff Anyway

Who else is ready to get their holiday shopping done and over with? This is the part of the holidays that a lot of us don't necessarily love. Battling crowds, spending money and stressing about buying just the right gifts is not always fun and games.

Do you have a particular person that you are always stressed out shopping for? I know I do. You know what I am talking about. The one that buys all of their own stuff anyway without thought to the fact that they should maybe wait until the holidays are over? Yes, I am talking about husbands. I mean, I can't be the only one that has dealt with this, right? It's fine, of course, they are adults, they are able to buy what they want, but my goodness does it make shopping difficult!

15 Gift Ideas for Husbands that Buy all of their Own Stuff Anyway

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All Natural Soaps Made with Craft Beer

If your husband is into craft beer, this is an awesome gift idea for him. Plus, I'm betting he hasn't bought this for himself yet!

Swag Brewery Brew Candle 3-Pack

Here is another awesome gift for the craft brew lover! This Swag Brewery Brew Candle 3-Pack will be perfect for his man-cave.

Homebrewing Starter Set

One more gift for the craft beer lover. Grab this homebrew starter set and let him brew his own!

6-Port USB Charger

With all of the gadgets out there, there's no way that he only has one thing to plug in. Am I right? If you said yes, this 6-port USB Charger makes a great gift!

Beard Kit

Guys like beauty gifts too! How about a great beard kit for the win?

Electronics Organizer

Does your husband like to keep his cords and small electronics organized? Then he will love this handy little electronics organizer.


Is your husband a sports guy? He can proudly display his collection of jerseys with a JerseyGenius!

Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat

Everyone loves a massage after a long days work. With a sweet massage cushion with heat, now all your husband needs to do is sit down in the nearest chair and he's got one!

Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring

Is your husband a gadget guy? Every gadget guy needs a smart plug or two for their house. Trust me.

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Water Bottle

When your husband has a long-lasting supply of ice-cold water, you won't have to remind him to stay hydrated. Actually, this might actually be a gift for you.

Hey There Handsome Coffee Mug

Everyone deserves to start their day with a compliment. This mug can help every husband start his day with a compliment and caffeine. Two of the best things!

Tool Logic Credit Card Companion

Every husband likes to be handy, am I right? This credit card tool is super handy and easy to have on hand all the time.

Carabiner Power Bank

Is it a power bank? Is it a carabiner? Either way, it is an amazing gift for husbands that buy all of their own stuff anyway.

Roadside Assistance Emergency Kit

Keep your husband safe on the road with this emergency kit for his car. He may buy all of his own stuff anyway, but now they don't have to worry about forgetting to prepare for emergencies.

I Love That You're My Husband Because

I Love That You're My Husband Because: Prompted Fill In Blank I Love You Book is the perfect gift for your husband! Why? Well, we can all basically guarantee that he hasn't yet bought this for himself and it's sometimes easy to forget to take the time to tell him how we feel. This book helps.

I'll take any other suggestions you might have that have been a success for you. I'm always struggling with gift ideas for my husband!

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